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  1. Using Interactive Response Systems in Economics: utility and factors influencing students’ attitudes

    Bares López, Lydia; Fernández Pérez, Ana Mª; Ferrándiz León, Esther; Flores Varo, Mª Esther; León Rodríguez, Mª Dolores
    The European Higher Education Area (EHEA) involves changing traditional methods to promote innovative teaching experiences. This paper has two main aims: a) to show evidence of the use of Interactive Response Systems (IRS) to identify gaps in the understanding of the course contents and b) to investigate factors influencing students’ attitudes towards the use of IRS. The experience was developed through a collective tutoring session in the subject of Economics using IRS. Economics is a first-year subject in the Degree of Business Administration and Management offered by the University of Cadiz, which includes contents of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics and uses...

  2. Teaching chemistry with sustainability

    Rojas-Fernández, Antonia G.; Aguilar-Santelises, Leonor; Cruz Millán, Margarita; Aguilar-Santelises, Miguel; García -del Valle, Araceli
    Increased awareness on a critical association between the natural environment and human development gave rise multiple projects, aiming to protect the natural environment and to preserve it for future generations. Chemists must be acquainted with the principles of green chemistry and the need to practice experimental chemistry with cleaner chemical reactions and sustainability. This is a major concern for all the educators forming new professionals within the Chemistry, Pharmacology and Biology curricula in the Faculty for Higher Studies Zaragoza from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. With this in mind, we start our teachings explaining from the very beginning, how...

  3. Social Live Streaming tools for the development of Virtual Workshops

    García-García, C.; Galán, J.; Izquierdo, R.
    The increase of Social Media on the Internet has brought an unprecedented revolution which has changed the existing social communication systems to date. Currently, a high percentage of population in the developed world has a smartphone with Internet connection that allows being permanently connected. This enables new ways of approaching some types of tasks that have traditionally required of simultaneity in space and time, such as the development of creative proposals by a large number of people.Technological advances have allowed, in a few years, the size reduction of a computer to today's mobile devices. Among the multitude of specifications offered...

  4. Integrating Bioethics in Sciences’ curricula using values in science and socio-scientific issues

    Sousa, C.
    The The main objective of the present work is selection of ethical issues that should be addressed with first year undergraduate and K-12 students.Since K-12 Sciences’ curriculum, in Portugal, does not include bioethics content in any discipline explicitly, teachers need to make an effort to include it. Some online materials are available to use in high school classes and will be discussed.My proposal combines inquiry learning-teaching methods with the aim of promoting the discussion of bioethics issues in accordance to UNESCO Bioethics Core Curriculum already adopted by twenty universities throughout the world (Darwish 2015). Some of the issues that are addressed...

  5. Implementation of the Balanced Scorecard in the Hotel Sector through Transformational Leadership and Empowerment

    Ballester-Miquel, José Carlos; Pérez-Ruiz, Pilar; Hernández-Gadea, Javier; Palacios Marqués, Daniel
    One of the current problems of the entrepreneurial world is the successful implementation of the Balanced Scorecard (BSC), which is why it is interesting to study the variables that can influence its application in business. The main purpose of this paper is to establish a theoretical model through the literature review, that should consider the relationship between the transformational leadership among company staff (Avolio, Bass and Jung, 1999) and the empowerment of the rest of employees (Thomas and Velthouse, 1990 Spritzer, 1995) upon the achievement of an increased capacity for organizational learning in the implementation of the BSC in companies (Easterby-Smith...

  6. Do continuous assessment results affect final exam outcomes? Evidence from a microeconomics course

    Reboredo, Juan Carlos
    Continuous assessment aims to enhance student learning and understanding of a subject and so achieve better educational outcomes. We investigated how continuous assessment grades affected final exam grades. Using a dataset for six academic post-Bologna Process years (2009-2015) for a first-year undergraduate microeconomics course offered at a Spanish public university, we examined conditional dependence between continuous assessment and final exam grades. Our results would indicate a limited contribution of continuous assessment results to final exam results: the probability of the final exam performance improving on the continuous assessment grade was lower than the probability of the opposite occurring. A consistent...

  7. BIG-DATA and the Challenges for Statistical Inference and Economics Teaching and Learning

    Peñaloza Figueroa, J.L.; Vargas Perez, C.
    The  increasing  automation  in  data  collection,  either  in  structured  orunstructured formats, as well as the development of reading, concatenation and comparison algorithms and the growing analytical skills which characterize the era of Big Data, cannot not only be considered a technological achievement, but an organizational, methodological and analytical challenge for knowledge as well, which is necessary to generate opportunities and added value.In fact, exploiting the potential of Big-Data includes all fields of community activity; and given its ability to extract behaviour patterns, we are interested in the challenges for the field of teaching and learning, particularly in the field of...

  8. Applications of ordered weighted averaging (OWA) operators in environmental problems

    Llopis Albert, Carlos; Palacios Marqués, Daniel
    [EN] This paper presents an application of a prioritized weighted aggregation operator based on ordered weighted averaging (OWA) to deal with stakeholders' constructive participation in water resources projects. They have different degree of acceptance or preference regarding the measures and policies to be carried out, which lead to different environmental and socio-economic outcomes, and hence, to different levels of stakeholders’ satisfaction. The methodology establishes a prioritization relationship upon the stakeholders, which preferences are aggregated by means of weights depending on the satisfaction of the higher priority policy maker. The methodology establishes a prioritization relationship upon the stakeholders, which preferences are...

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