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  1. Showcasing EMOTIVE storytelling about Romans at the Antonine Wall at European Researchers’ Night – Explorathon 2017

    Economou, Maria; Young, Hilary

  2. EMOTIVE Experience Design Workshop – How do museum professionals design new digital experiences for their visitors?

    Economou, Maria; Young, Hilary; Pujol Tost, Laia

  3. The Edinburgh Gazetteer: Radical Networks and Journalism in 1790s Scotland

    Brown, Rhona
    This online edition of the Edinburgh Gazetteer, a controversial and short-lived radical Scottish newspaper from the turbulent 1790s, was funded by the Royal Society of Edinburgh and supported by the Mitchell Library, Glasgow, and the National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh. It was edited by Rhona Brown of the University of Glasgow and was completed in 2017. Detailed facsimile images of every available page of the Gazetteer can be viewed and zoomed into, and each page has been categorised with keywords to make it easier to focus on specific themes or people. In addition, the site features an interactive historical map of...

  4. Repurposing scientific materials into works of art, an artist confronts the Anthropocene

    Dixon, Deborah
    Crystalline, a new exhibition showcasing the work of Irish artist Siobhán McDonald at the Centre Culturel Irlandais in Paris, France, brings together works created from relics of past scientific ventures to the frozen north and materials developed for an upcoming exploration of the Sun. The items are recomposed into artistic pieces that convey a melancholic contemplation of human striving and its consequences and the haunting histories that science both creates and records.

  5. For Now / Six Propositions

    Reeder, Elizabeth
    In recent years, Siobhan Davies Dance company has twice come to Glasgow’s Tramway. Each time I spent many hours, over many days, in the space with the dancers. The pieces, 'Table of Contents and material / re-arranged / to / be', were episodic, overlapping and durational. The first took place in the small, square Gallery 5, which has a wall of windows that face onto Albert Drive; the second took place in Tramway 2, the echoing, industrial chamber that was formerly the tram depot. Over the run of the shows there grew to be familiar faces who spent hours there...

  6. Magazines, travel and middlebrow culture in Canada 1925-1960: Les magazines, l'imaginaire du voyage et la culture moyenne au Canada, 1925-1960

    Hammill, Faye; Judge, Cristina; Smith, Michelle
    No abstract available.

  7. 500 Wondercrump Words: How young writers use Roald Dahl’s language

    Rennie, Susan
    Blog for OUP Education.

  8. A Case of Study on Translations and Reception of Pirandello’s Theatrical Works

    Segnini, Elisa
    This website was developed within the project “Translating Culture for the Stage: the Case of Luigi Pirandello” directed by Elisa Segnini and funded by the Canadian Sciences and Humanities Research Council. It examines the reception of Questa sera si recita a soggetto from the prima assoluta in Königsberg till today. The bibliography lists a wide range of academic articles, theatre reviews published in international newspapers, as well as photographs of the various mise en scènes. The website also features a list of translations in various languages and two comparative analyses of translations of Questa sera si recita a soggetto. Finally, it...

  9. Association Benjamin Fondane

    Salazar-Ferrer, Olivier
    This is the website of the International Association Benjamin Fondane (Paris) gathering data, documents and information on events about the Romanian-French poet, philosopher, director of films, writer Benjamin Fondane (1898-1944). I am the webmaster of the website.

  10. A clever and dangerous move - or: a Roman Court goes Lutheran

    Tams, Christian J.
    No abstract available.

  11. Missing the target: the UK scholarly communications license

    Wulf, Karin; Newman, Simon
    Analysis of the proposed new UK Scholarly Communications Licence.

  12. The whys and why nots of taking primary pupils on a farm visit

    Mattu, Leanne; Wood, Bethan
    In keeping with Scottish education historically, the importance of outdoor learning is emphasised in the Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) guidelines (Beames et al., 2009). There had been an apparent decline in time spent outdoors by pupils (Ross et al., 2007), and the guidelines seemed to offer an opportunity to address this. The CfE curriculum design principles also emphasised relevant learning. Since around 80% of Scottish land is agricultural (Scottish Government, n.d.), and the food and drink industry makes a major contribution to the economy (FDFS, n.d.), learning about food and farming is clearly relevant. Furthermore, in Scotland as elsewhere, there...

  13. The Weaver's Cottage in Islay

    Leask, Nigel
    No abstract available.

  14. Understanding the British Election: an interview with Neil Davidson

    Davidson, Neil
    No abstract available.

  15. The cuts are no less frightening because they are made by Syriza

    Tsakiroglou, Tasos; Davidson, Neil
    No abstract available.

  16. Scotland After Brexit

    Davidson, Neil
    Scotland wants to remain in the European Union — and that might make a left-wing break from the United Kingdom impossible.

  17. Eskoziako gizartea berpiztu duen galdera = [The question that revived Scottish society]

    Arrate, Asier; McAlpine, Robin; Davidson, Neil
    No abstract available.

  18. A Socialist Case for Leaving the EU

    Davidson, Neil
    No abstract available.

  19. 2nd Annual Black Feminism, Womanism and the Politics of Women of Colour in Europe: closing remarks

    Marcus, Geetha
    No abstract available.

  20. Pixel vs Pigment. The goal of Virtual Reality in Archaeology

    Pujol-Tost, Laia
    No abstract available.

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