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Ohio State Law Journal: Volume 41, Issue 1 (1980)

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  1. Errata

    Corrections to Susan Smith Blakely, "Judicial and Legislative Attitudes Toward the Right to an Equal Education for the Handicapped." Ohio State Law Journal, vol. 40, no. 3 (1979), 603-634. and David Reid Dillon, "Congressional Intent and the ERA: A Proposed New Analysis." Ohio State Law Journal, vol. 40, no. 3 (1979), 637-662.

  2. Masthead (Volume 41, Number 1, 1980)

  3. Table of Contents (Volume 41, Number 1, 1980)

  4. Helmetless Motorcyclists – Easy Riders Facing Hard Facts: The Rise of the "Motorcycle Helmet Defense"

    Graham, Clay P.

  5. Chart v. General Motors Corp.: Did It Chart the Way for Admission of Evidence of Subsequent Remedial Measures in Products Liability Actions?

    Sykes, Thomas D.

  6. Equal Educational Opportunity and Public School Finance Reform in Ohio: Board of Education v. Walter

    Hayman, Jeffrey L.

  7. A Political Scientist as Constitutional Lawyer: A Reply to Louis Fisher

    Berger, Raoul

  8. The Practical Use of Motions to Structure a Complex Civil Case

    Faruki, C. J.

  9. A Model Proposal to Avoid Ex-Offender Employment Discrimination

    Potuto, Josephine R.

  10. Standing to Sue in Fair Housing Cases

    Schwemm, Robert G.

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