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Ohio State Law Journal: Volume 41, Issue 2 (1980)

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  1. Errata

    Correction to Rachel E. Geiersbach, "Definition of Injury in Ohio Workers' Compensation Law: Bowman v. National Graphics Corp." Ohio State Law Journal, vol. 40, no. 4 (1979), 987-1006.

  2. Masthead (Volume 41, Number 2, 1980)

  3. Table of Contents (Volume 41, Number 2, 1980)

  4. FCC v. Midwest Video Corporation: One Less Cable Restraint

    Christensen, Jon

  5. Sticks and Stones: Homosexual Solicitations and the Fighting Words Doctrine

    Shank, S. Adele

  6. Abandonment of Children As a Civil Wrong: Burnette v. Wahl

    Pfeiffer, Robert M.

  7. Challenging Sexual Preference Discrimination in Private Employment

    Wise, Donna L.

  8. The Business Opportunity Purchasers Protection Act: The Unfulfilled Promise to Ohio Franchisees

    Hayman, Douglas G.

  9. Regulation of Disclosure of Economic and Financial Data and the Impact on the American System of Labor-Management Relations

    Sheldin, Leslie K.

  10. Back Pay and Extra-Judicial Proceedings: Is the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs Exceeding Its Authority?

    Slominski, Carmen G.; Willacy, Hazel M.

  11. What Hath Mt. Healthy Wrought?

    Wolly, Michael S.

  12. Recent Issues in Litigation Under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act

    Smith, Norman B.; Leggette, L. Poe

  13. A Constitutional Route to Discriminatory Impact Statutory Liability for State and Local Government Employers: All Roads Lead to Rome

    Jacobs, Louis A.

  14. Recent Developments in Federal Labor Law Preemption

    Cox, Archibald

  15. Foreword: Which Side Are You On?

    Modjeska, Lee

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