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  1. Adolescent’s subjective perceptions of chronic disease and related psychosocial factors: highlights from an outpatient context study

    Santos, Teresa; Matos, Margarida Gaspar de; Marques, Adilson; Simões, Celeste; Leal, Isabel Pereira; Machado, Maria do Céu
    Adolescents with chronic disease (CD) can be more vulnerable to adverse psychosocial outcomes. This study aims: 1) to identify differences in psychosocial variables (health-related quality of life, psychosomatic complaints, resilience, self-regulation and social support) among adolescents who feel that CD affects or does not affect school/peers connectedness (measured by self-reported participation in school and social activities); and 2) to assess the extent to which psychosocial variables are associated with connectedness in school and peer domains.

  2. Male body dissatisfaction scale (MBDS): Proposal for a reduced model

    Silva, Wanderson Roberto da; Maroco, João; Ochner, Christopher N.; Campos, Juliana Alvares Duarte Bonini
    Aims To evaluate the psychometric properties of the male body dissatisfaction scale (MBDS) in Brazilian and Portuguese university students; to present a reduced model of the scale; to compare two methods of computing global scores for participants’ body dissatisfaction; and to estimate the prevalence of participants’ body dissatisfaction. Methods A total of 932 male students participated in this study. A confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) was used to assess the scale’s psychometric properties. Multi-group analysis was used to test transnational invariance and invariance in independent samples. The body dissatisfaction score was calculated using two methods (mean and matrix of weights in the CFA), which were compared. Finally, individuals were classified according to level of body...

  3. Cross-sectional and prospective relationship between physical activity and chronic diseases in European older adults

    Marques, Adilson; Peralta, Miguel; Martins, João Filipe da Silva Figueira; Matos, Margarida Gaspar de; Brownson, Ross C.
    Objectives This study examined the relationship between physical activity (PA) and chronic diseases in European older adults, using a prospective analysis with data from 2011 and 2013. Methods Participants were 37,524 older adults (16,204 men) who responded to the fourth (in 2011) and fifth (in 2013) wave of SHARE project, from 13 European countries. Participants’ answers to interview questions about the presence of chronic conditions and PA. The cross-sectional and prospective association between PA and the number of chronic diseases was assessed using general linear models. Results Among men and women, moderate or vigorous physical activity (MVPA) in 2011 was associated with fewer reported chronic diseases in 2011 and 2013. In prospective analysis, MVPA...

  4. Body awareness and bodily dissociation among those with and without sexual difficulties: Differentiation using the scale of body connection

    Carvalheira, Ana Alexandra; Price, Cynthia; Neves, Cide Filipe Branco de Campos
    The goal of this study was to explore potential body awareness and bodily dissociation differences between men and women with and without sexual difficulties, using the Scale of Body Connection in a sample of 909 participants. In women, bodily dissociation scores were significantly higher across all reported sexual difficulties, except in sexual pain. Women with lack of sexual interest and sexual arousal had significantly lower body awareness when compared to women without these difficulties. These findings suggest the importance of targeting body awareness and bodily dissociation in the treatment of women's sexual difficulties.

  5. Discerning the impact of personal and situational variables in risk perception of coronary heart disease

    Figueiras, Maria João; Maroco, João; Monteiro, Rita; Caeiro, Raúl; Neto, David Dias
    Research into how people perceive risk has highlighted the interaction between the available information and personal variables and their impact on judgement. This study sought to identify demographic and health variables that influenced risk and the influence of individual risk assessment, dispositional optimism and negative affect on judgement. A total of 476 participants were asked to make risks judgements of 24 vignettes depicting hypothetical risk scenarios. The findings showed that while people are able to correctly recognise, in others, relevant risk factors for coronary heart disease, risk perception is likely to imply a personal consideration of the same risk factors...

  6. Correlates of adjustment to aging among the young-old and the oldest-old: A comparative analysis

    von Humboldt, Sofia; Leal, Isabel Pereira
    This study aims to compare the correlates of adjustment to aging (AtA) reported by young-old and oldest-old adults and to build two structural models to explore the correlates of AtA for these two age groups. A crossnational study encompassing a community-dwelling sample of 823 older adults aged 65 years and older was undertaken. Several measures were employed to assess AtA, subjective well-being, and sense of coherence. A questionnaire to determine socio-demographic (sex, age, professional and marital status, education, household, adult children, family’s annual income, living setting, and self-reported spirituality), lifestyle and health-related characteristics (perceived health, recent disease, medication, and leisure) was also used. Structural equation modeling was employed to investigate...

  7. The old and the oldest-old: Do they have different perspectives on adjustment to aging?

    von Humboldt, Sofia; Leal, Isabel Pereira
    Background: Older adults experience varying challenges in old age. This study aims to explore the indicators of adjustment to aging (AtA) and to examine the potential explanatory mechanisms of a correlational model for AtA for the old and oldest-old adults. Methods: This qualitative study comprised demographics and semistructured interviews. Complete information on 152 older adults aged between 75 years and 102 years (mean ¼ 83.76 years; standard deviation ¼ 6.458). Data was subjected to content analysis. The correlational model of indicators of AtA was analyzed using a multiple correspondence analysis. Results: “Occupation and achievement” was the most mentioned indicator of AtA by the old participants (17.7%), whereas “existential...

  8. Open-label placebo treatment in chronic low back pain: A randomized controlled trial

    Carvalho, Cláudia Maria Constante Ferreira de; Joaquim António Machado Caetano; Cunha, Lidia; Rebouta, Paula; Kaptchuk, Ted J.; Kirsch, Irving
    This randomized controlled trial was performed to investigate whether placebo effects in chronic low back pain could be harnessed ethically by adding open-label placebo (OLP) treatment to treatment as usual (TAU) for 3 weeks. Pain severity was assessed on three 0- to 10-point Numeric Rating Scales, scoring maximum pain, minimum pain, and usual pain, and a composite, primary outcome, total pain score. Our other primary outcome was back-related dysfunction, assessed on the Roland-Morris Disability Questionnaire. In an exploratory follow-up, participants on TAU received placebo pills for 3 additional weeks. We randomized 97 adults reporting persistent low back pain for more...

  9. Cybersex in portuguese chatrooms: A study of sexual behaviors related to online sex

    Carvalheira, Ana Alexandra; Gomes, Francisco Allen
    The present article is about a particular form of sexual activity on the Internet: cybersex in chatrooms-in Portuguese by Portuguese people. This study aims to identify the reasons for engaging in cybersex on chats and the behavioral domains that characterize this activity. To carry out the study, we developed a self-report questionnaire that we made available on a website. The sample was collected online (n = 400) through the Portuguese Internet Relay Chat. Factor analyses revealed seven domain structures: (a) social skills, (b) preference for cybersex, (c) filter for a later date, (d) sex by phone, (e) fantasies, (f) using...

  10. Job-related strain and sexual health difficulties among heterosexual men from three european countries: The role of culture and emotional support

    Stulhofer, Aleksandar; Traeen, Bente; Carvalheira, Ana Alexandra
    Introduction. Epidemiological evidence for the association between job-related stress and sexual difficulties in men is largely lacking. Little is known about the factors that may mediate or moderate this relationship. Aim. This study analyzes the association between job-related difficulties and men’s sexual difficulties. Main Outcome Measures. Job-related difficulties were measured by 10 yes/no questions that addressed a range of adverse workplace situations. The experience of sexual difficulties in the past 12 months was assessed by using seven dichotomous indicators developed in the National Study of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles (NATSAL) 2000. Method. Analyses were carried out using data from a 2011 online study of Portuguese, Croatian,...

  11. Adult attachment style and cortisol responses in women in late pregnancy

    Martins, José Manuel Costa; Ramos, Mariana Moura; Cascais, Maria João; Silva, Carlos Fernandes da; Martins, Henriqueta Maria Ramalhinho Ginja da Costa; Pereira, Marco Daniel de Almeida; Coelho, Rui Manuel Bento de Almeida; Tavares, Jorge Mergulhão
    Suporte financeiro e não financeiro da Maternidade Alfredo da Costa, Lisboa, Portugal

  12. Personality of the caregiver influences the use of strategies to deal with the behavior of persons with dementia

    Melo, Graça; Maroco, João; Lima-Basto, Marta; Mendonça, Alexandre de
    Personality of family caregiver is an important factor influencing the caregiver's burden, depression and distress. We now hypothesized that the personality is associated with specific strategies used by family caregivers to deal with the behavioral and psychological symptoms of demented relatives (BPSD). Participants were 98 consecutive persons with dementia and their family caregivers. Assessments included: Personality (NEO-FFI), Burden (ZBI), Depression (CES-D), Cognitive Function (MMSE), BPSD (NPI), Distress (NPI-D), and an open question to identify the strategies used by caregivers when faced with BPSD. Caregivers used different strategies to cope with their relatives' behavior: avoiding conflict; confronting; reassuring; orienting; responding coercively;...

  13. Maladaptive defense mechanisms are associated with decoupling of testosterone from sexual desire in women of reproductive age

    Costa, Rui Miguel; Oliveira, Rui Filipe
    O presente artigo contém uma errata, disponível em:

  14. Cancer appetite and symptom questionnaire (CASQ) for brazilian patients: Cross-cultural adaptation and validation study

    Spexoto, Maria Cláudia Bernardes; Serrano, Sergio Vicente; Halliday, Vanessa; Maroco, João; Campos, Juliana Alvares Duarte Bonini
    Background: Appetite and symptoms, conditions generally reported by the patients with cancer, are somewhat challenging for professionals to measure directly in clinical routine (latent conditions). Therefore, specific instruments are required for this purpose. This study aimed to perform a cultural adaptation of the Cancer Appetite and Symptom Questionnaire (CASQ), into Portuguese and evaluate its psychometric properties on a sample of Brazilian cancer patients. Methods: This is a validation study with Brazilian cancer patients. The face, content, and construct (factorial and convergent) validities of the Cancer Appetite and Symptom Questionnaire, the study tool, were estimated. Further, a confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) was conducted. The ratio of chi-square and degrees of...

  15. Illness perception, knowledge and self-care about cervical cancer

    Castro, Elisa Kern de; Peuker, Ana Carolina; Lawrenz, Priscila; Figueiras, Maria João
    Prevention plays a central role in early detection of cervical cancer. Common Sense Model proposes that the nature and organization of illness representations can guide actions related to health and how self-care is exercised. The aim of this study was to describe and compare illness perception, knowledge and self-care in women with and without cancer precursor lesions. Participants were 92 women (aged 18-59) from primary care unity divided into two groups: women with and without premalignant lesion. Measures for illness perception, knowledge and self-care were used. There was no statistically signifi cant difference (t test e chi-square test) between groups in the variables analyzed. Despite the risk...

  16. Individual and relationship factors associated with the self-identified inability to experience orgasm in a community sample of heterosexual men from three european countries

    Carvalheira, Ana Alexandra; Santana, Rita
    The inability to reach orgasm is probably the least common and least understood of all male sexual dysfunctions. The present study aims to investigate the incidence of the inability to reach orgasm, and the psychological and interpersonal factors associated with this sexual difficulty. A total of 3,672 heterosexual men from three European countries (1,937 Portuguese, 1,215 Croats, 520 Norwegians) participated in this web survey (M age = 36.6 years, SD = 18-75 years). A total of 354 (9.6%) reported the inability to reach orgasm. Among those men, 89.8% reported moderate to extreme distress regarding this sexual difficulty. A multivariate assessment revealed that...

  17. Validation of a measuring instrument for the perception of oral health in women

    Campos, Juliana Alvares Duarte Bonini; Carrascosa, Andréa Corrêa; Zucoloto, Miriane Lucindo; Maroco, João
    The aim of this study was to estimate the reliability, validity and factorial invariance of the Portuguese version of the Geriatric/ General Oral Health Assessment Index (GOHAI) as applied to Brazilian women. A total 701 women over 18 years of age participated in this study. Telephone interviews were conducted. We evaluated the construct-related validity through factorial, convergent and discriminant validity. We carried out a confirmatory factor analysis using the χ2/df, CFI, GFI and RMSEA indexes. The invariance of the model in a second independent sample was estimated by multi-group analysis and internal consistency using Cronbach’s alpha coefficient. Items 5 and 9 presented factor weights below the adequate value and were removed....

  18. Simultaneous penile–vaginal intercourse orgasm is associated with satisfaction (sexual, life, partnership, and mental health)

    Brody, Stuart; Weiss, Petr
    Introduction. Previous multivariate research found that satisfaction was associated positively with frequency of specifically penile–vaginal intercourse (PVI; as opposed to other sexual activities) as well as with vaginal orgasm. The contribution to satisfaction of simultaneous orgasm produced by PVI merited direct examination in a large representative sample. Aims. To examine the associations of aspects of satisfaction (sexual, life, own mental health, partner relationship) with consistency of simultaneous orgasm produced by PVI (as well as with PVI frequency and vaginal orgasm consistency). Methods. A representative sample of Czechs (N = 1,570) aged 35–65 years completed a survey on aspects of satisfaction, PVI frequency, vaginal orgasm consistency, and consistency of...

  19. Female sexual arousal disorder with and without a distress criterion: Prevalence and correlates in a representative czech sample

    Weiss, Petr; Brody, Stuart
    Introduction. Sexual medicine would benefit from large representative surveys examining the prevalence of genital female sexual arousal disorder (FSAD) symptoms (with and without the increasingly controversial distress criterion), as well as novel FSAD correlates and potential “protective” factors. Aims. To examine the extent to which genital FSAD symptoms, with and without a distress criterion, are associated with both historical and current aspects of sexual behavior. Methods. In a representative sample of the Czech population (aged 15–88), 1,000 women were asked whether they currently have impaired lubrication and vaginal swelling (and if so, if this produces marked distress or interpersonal difficulty). They provided details of vaginal orgasm (induced...

  20. Anxious and avoidant attachment, vibrator use, anal sex, and impaired vaginal orgasm

    Costa, Rui Miguel; Brody, Stuart
    Introduction. Disturbances in intimate relationships are among the risk factors for female sexual dysfunction. Insecure styles of anxious attachment (preoccupations about abandonment) and avoidant attachment (avoidance of closeness in relationships) are robustly associated with sexual problems, relationship difficulties, and several indices of poorer physical and mental health. Similar indices of poorer sexual, relationship, and health functioning are associated with impairment of orgasm triggered by penile-vaginal stimulation (vaginal orgasm), but unrelated or related to greater frequency of other sexual behaviors. However, research examining the differential association of sexual activities with insecure attachment styles has been lacking. Aims. The aim of this study was to test the hypotheses that...

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