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Ohio State Law Journal: Volume 46, Issue 3 (1985)

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  1. Masthead (Volume 46, Number 3, 1985)

  2. U.C.C. Section 2-725: A Statute Uncertain in Application and Effect

    Lyles, Kevin D.

  3. Affirmation of the Open Fields Doctrine: The Oliver Twist

    Gellman, Susan

  4. Nicaragua v. United States: Pre-Seisin Reciprocity and the Race to The Hague

    Cohn, Ilene R.

  5. Law in Independent Africa: Some Reflections on the Role of Legal Ideology

    Shivji, Issa G.

  6. The Replacement of Lawful Economic Strikers in the Public Sector in Ohio

    Wilson, Charles E.

  7. Credibility of Witnesses Under the Military Rules of Evidence

    Gilligan, Col. Francis A.

  8. Interest Analysis Facing Its Critics-And, Incidentally, What Should Be Done About Choice of Law for Products Liability?

    Kozyris, P. John

  9. Revolution and Counter-Revolution in American Conflicts Law: Is There a Middle Ground?

    Symeonides, Symeon

  10. Interest Analysis, Substantive Law-Making, and the Multistate Case

    Luneburg, William V.

  11. State or Country Interest as Analytical Framework for Choice of Law

    Zaphiriou, George A.

  12. Interest Analysis: A Continental Perspective

    Evrigenis, Dimitrios

  13. What Now?

    Juenger, Friedrich K.

  14. A Defense of Interest Analysis in the Conflict of Laws and the Use of that Analysis in Products Liability Cases

    Weintraub, Russell J.

  15. Interest Analysis as the Preferred Approach to Choice of Law: A Response to Professor Brilmayer's "Foundational Attack"

    Selder, Robert A.

  16. Governmental Interest Analysis: A House Without Foundations

    Brilmayer, Lea

  17. Foreword

    Kozyris, P. John

  18. Table of Contents (Volume 46, Number 3, 1985)

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