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Ohio State Law Journal: Volume 48, Issue 2 (1987)

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  1. Masthead (Volume 48, Number 2, 1987)

  2. Interpreting the Tort Liability of the State of Ohio: Reynolds v. State

    Northness, Robert

  3. Tuttle v. Raymond: An Excessive Restriction upon Punitive Damages Awards in Motor Vehicle Tort Cases Involving Reckless Conduct

    Williams, Gregory A.

  4. Recovery for Damage to the Defective Product Itself: An Analysis of Recent Product Liability Legislation

    Dunwell, Julie A.

  5. American Defamation Law: From Sullivan, Through Greenmoss, and Beyond

    Matthews, Douglas R.

  6. Products Liability Reform in Congress: An Issue of Federalism

    Perlman, Harvey S.

  7. Puzzles of the Tort Crisis

    Priest, George L.

  8. Trends in Tort Litigation: Findings from the Institute for Civil Justice's Research

    Hensler, Deborah R.

  9. The Risks of Risk/Utility

    Epstein, Richard A.

  10. The Real Tort Crisis-Too Few Claims

    Abel, Richard L.

  11. A Proposal for Tort Reform: Reformulating Uninsured Motorist Plans

    Schwartz, Gary T.

  12. The Effects of Tort Reforms on the Frequency and Severity of Medical Malpractice Claims

    Danzon, Patricia M.

  13. Making Sense of the Liability Insurance Crisis

    Abraham, Kenneth S.

  14. National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986: An Ad Hoc Remedy or a Window for the Future?

    Schwartz, Victor E.; Mahshigian, Liberty

  15. Choice of Law for Products Liability: Whither Ohio?

    Kozyris, P. John

  16. Selected Tort and Civil Justice Issues Before the 117th Ohio General Assembly

    Darling, Stanton G., II

  17. Taking Advantage of the Torts Crisis

    Sugarman, Stephen D.

  18. Balanced Proposals for Product Liability Reform

    O'Connell, Jeffrey

  19. Table of Contents (Volume 48, Number 2, 1987)

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