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  1. Effects of affective and emotional congruency on facial expression processing under different task demands

    Aguado, Luis; Martínez-García, Natalia; Solís-Olce, Andrea; Dieguez-Risco, Teresa
    Contextual influences on responses to facial expressions of emotion were studied using a context-target paradigm that allowed distinguishing the effects of affective congruency (context and target of same/different valence: positive or negative) and emotional congruency (context and target representing the same/different emotion: anger, fear, happiness). Sentences describing anger, fear or happiness-inducing events and faces expressing each of these emotions were used as contexts and targets, respectively. While between-valence comparisons (context and target of similar/different valence) revealed affective congruency effects, within-valence comparisons (context and target of similar valence and same/different emotion) revealed emotional congruency effects. In Experiment 1 no evidence of emotional congruency and limited evidence of affective...

  2. A narrative synthesis of research evidence for tinnitus-related complaints as reported by patients and their significant others

    Hall, Deborah Ann; Fackrell, Kathryn; Li, Anne Beatrice; Thavayogan, Rachel; Smith, Sandra; Kennedy, Veronica; Tinoco, Catarina; Rodrigues, Evelina D.; Campelo, Paula; Martins, Tânia D.; Lourenço, Vera Martins; Ribeiro, Diogo; Haider, Haúla F.
    Background: There are a large number of assessment tools for tinnitus, with little consensus on what it is important to measure and no preference for a minimum reporting standard. The item content of tinnitus assessment tools should seek to capture relevant impacts of tinnitus on everyday life, but no-one has yet synthesised information about the range of tinnitus complaints. This review is thus the first comprehensive and authoritative collection and synthesis of what adults with tinnitus and their significant others report as problems in their everyday lives caused by tinnitus. Methods: Electronic searches were conducted in PubMed, Embase, CINAHL, as well as grey literature sources to identify...

  3. Cross-cultural psychometric assessment of an appetite questionnaire for patients with cancer

    Spexoto, Maria Cláudia Bernardes; Serrano, Sergio Vicente; Halliday, Vanessa; Maroco, João; Wilcock, Andrew; Campos, Juliana Alvares Duarte Bonini
    Objective: To evaluate the psychometric properties, along with cross-cultural invariance analysis, of the Cancer Appetite and Symptom Questionnaire (CASQ). Method: Data from 555 United Kingdom (UK) cancer patients were used to evaluate the psychometric properties of the CASQ. Construct validity was assessed through factorial and convergent validity. We conducted a confirmatory factor analysis using as indices the chi-square ratio by degrees of freedom (χ2/df), the comparative fit index (CFI), the goodness of fit index (GFI), and the root mean square error of approximation (RMSEA). Convergent validity was estimated by the items’ average variance extracted (AVE). Reliability was estimated by composite reliability and internal consistency. Factorial invariance analysis of the CASQ was evaluated by...

  4. A Structural model for adjustment to aging among older women in breast cancer remission

    von Humboldt, Sofia; Carneiro, Francis Anne Teplitzky; Leal, Isabel Pereira
    This study aims to build a structural model to explore the predictors of adjustment to aging (AtA) reported by older women in breast cancer remission. A community-dwelling sample of 771 older women in breast cancer remission aged between 75 and 98 years answered a questionnaire to determine socio-demographic (age, income, marital status, education, household, and living setting), and healthrelated characteristics (self-reported functional limitations and disabilities, time since remission, other type of cancer, breast reconstruction, perceived health, recent disease and medication). Several measures were employed to assess AtA, sense of coherence and subjective well-being. Structural equation modeling was used to explore a structural model of the self-reported AtA, encompassing all...

  5. How do hypothalamic nonapeptides shape youth’s sociality? A systematic review on oxytocin, vasopressin and human socio-emotional development

    Torres, Nuno; Martins, Daniel; Santos, António José; Prata, Diana; Veríssimo, Manuela
    Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT); BIAL

  6. Brazil-Portugal transcultural adaptation of the UWES-9: Internal consistency, dimensionality, and measurement invariance

    Sinval, Jorge; Pasian, Sonia Regina; Queirós, Cristina; Maroco, João
    The aim of this paper is to present a revision of international versions of the Utrecht Work Engagement Scale and to describe the psychometric properties of a Portuguese version of the UWES-9 developed simultaneously for Brazil and Portugal, the validity evidence related with the internal structure, namely, Dimensionality, measurement invariance between Brazil and Portugal, and Reliability of the scores. This is the first UWES version developed simultaneously for both countries, and it is an important instrument for understanding employees' work engagement in the organizations, allowing human resources departments to better use workforces, especially when they are migrants. A total of...

  7. Memory complaints in amnestic mild cognitive impairment: More prospective or retrospective?

    Mendonça, Alexandre de; Felgueiras, Helena; Verdelho, Ana; Câmara, Sara; Grilo, Cláudia; Maroco, João; Pereira, Antonina; Guerreiro, Manuela
    Objective: Patients with amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment (aMCI), usually considered an early stage of Alzheimer's disease, have deficits not only in retrospective memory (RM), that is, recalling of past events, words or people, but also on prospective memory (PM), the cognitive ability of remembering to execute delayed intentions in the future. This study investigated whether patients with aMCI refer more PM complaints as compared with RM complaints, and whether this might depend upon short‐term vs long‐term items or time‐based vs event‐based tasks. Methods: Patients with aMCI (n = 178) and healthy controls (n = 160) underwent the Prospective and Retrospective Memory Questionnaire (PRMQ), a 16‐item instrument to appraise differences...

  8. Callous-Unemotional Traits in Children and Adolescents

    Carvalho, Marina; Faria, Miguel; Conceição, Andreia; Matos, Margarida Gaspar de; Essau, Cecilia A.
    The Inventory of Callous and Unemotional Traits (ICU) was developed to measure callous-unemotional (CU) psychopathic traits in children and adolescents. Studies that have examined the factor structure of ICU showed considerable controversy. The aim of this study was to examine the factor structure and psychometric proprieties of the Portuguese translation of the ICU. A total of 1,011 children and adolescents (495 boys and 516 girls), mean age of 13.36 years, participated in this study. Exploratory factor analysis produced two factors: uncaring and callousness; Cronbach’s α for each of the factor was .83 and .79 for the total score. Significant main gender and interaction between gender...

  9. Perceived attachment security to parents and peer victimization: Does adolescent's aggressive behaviour make a difference?

    Guedes, Maryse; Santos, António José; Ribeiro, Olívia; Freitas, Miguel da Costa Nunes de; Rubin, Kenneth; Veríssimo, Manuela
    Peer victimization is one of the most prominent problems during adolescence. Research has distinguished aggressive and non-aggressive victims; however, there are still significant drawbacks in understanding the social and family functioning of these different groups of victimized adolescents. This study aimed to compare social behavior and perceived attachment security to parents of Portuguese adolescents, classified as aggressive victims, non-aggressive victims and non-victims. The sample consisted of 222 adolescents (115 boys, 107 girls) who completed the Kerns Security Scale and the Extended Class Play, to assess perceived attachment security and social behavior, respectively. Controlling for age and sex, aggressive victims and non-aggressive victims differed in anxious withdrawal but shared...

  10. I know the rule, but I'll just go with my gut: Is there a rational use of intuition?

    Loureiro, Filipe Pereira; Garcia-Marques, Teresa
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  11. Teams as complex adaptive systems: Reviewing 17 years of research

    Ramos-Villagrasa, Pedro J.; Silva, Pedro Marques-Quinteiro Fernandes da; Navarro, José; Rico, Ramón
    At the turn of the century, Arrow, McGrath, and Berdahl portrayed teams as complex adaptive systems (CAS). And yet, despite broad agreement that this approach facilitates a better understanding of teams, it has only now been timidly incorporated into team research. To help fully incorporate the logic of teams as CAS in the science of teams, we review extant research on teams approached from a nonlinear dynamical system theory. Using a systematic review approach, we selected 92 articles published over the last 17 years to integrate what we know about teams as CAS. Our review reveals the evidence supporting teams as CAS, and the set of analytical techniques...

  12. How complexity leadership and cohesion influence team effectiveness

    Curral, Luís Alberto; Leitão, Paulo; Gomes, Catarina; Silva, Pedro Marques-Quinteiro Fernandes da; Lind, Pedro G.
    This research tested the hypothesis that enabling leadership behaviors are positively related to the objective and subjective dimensions of teamwork effectiveness. Hypotheses testing was done during a laboratory task in which 40 teams of 5 people each (N = 200) engaged in a simulation task using the pc game SimCity4. The results suggest that enabling leadership and task cohesion are not related to team performance, R2 = .08, MSE = 1.02, F(4, 35) = .79, p = .54; and that enabling leadership is positively related to team viability, mediated by task cohesion, R2 = .71, MSE = 0.31, F(4, 35) = 21.87, p < .001....

  13. Serving science to the public: Deliberations by a sample of older adults upon exposure to a serving size recommendation for meat

    Gaspar, Rui; Domingos, Samuel; Demétrio, Patrícia
    To enable consumers to make informed decisions based on communications about food risks and particularly intake recommendations, it is essential that individuals understand the information presented to them. Thus, research into the way people make sense and understand newly received information is important from a public policy perspective. This is the case when dealing with scientific information destined for the general public, such as recommended food intake serving sizes provided in numerical format. Hence, this study analysed responses from exposure to information concerning red meat intake risks and a numerical serving size recommendation. The study analysed: 1) participants’ reported difficulties in understanding a recommended serving size...

  14. The effect of flaxseed in breast cancer: A Literature Review

    Calado, Ana; Neves, Pedro Miguel; Santos, Teresa Cristina; Ravasco, Paula
    Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers and the second most responsible for cancer mortality worldwide. In 2014, in Portugal approximately 27,200 people died of cancer, of which 1,791 were women with breast cancer. Flaxseed has been one of the most studied foods, regarding possible relations to breast cancer, though mainly in experimental studies in animals, yet in few clinical trials. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, α-linolenic acid, lignan, and fibers. One of the main components of flaxseed is the lignans, of which 95% are made of the predominant secoisolariciresinol diglucoside (SDG). SDG is converted into...

  15. The attractiveness-positivity link: let’s contextualize it

    Mello, Joana José de; Garcia-Marques, Teresa
    The statement “what is beautiful is good” reflects a persuasive heuristic that may be supported either by a general association of attractiveness with positivity or by a specific association with the perceived credibility of an attractive source. In one study (N = 58), we approach this question using an explicit and an implicit measure (Stroop Task) to assess whether attractiveness is more likely associated with valenced words when these are related (vs. unrelated) to credibility. Results show that this effect occurs but only for the implicit measure. When the word-face associations were made at an explicit level, we found a general association between positivity and attractiveness, unrestricted to...

  16. Dream teens: Adolescents-led participatory project in Portugal in the context of the economic recession

    Frasquilho, Diana; Ozer, Emily J.; Ozer, Elizabeth M.; Branquinho, Cátia; Camacho, Inês; Reis, Marta; Tomé, Gina; Santos, Teresa Cristina; Gomes, Paulo; Cruz, Jaqueline; Ramiro, Lúcia; Gaspar, Tânia; Simões, Celeste; Piatt, Amber Akemi; Holsen, Ingrid; Matos, Margarida Gaspar de
    This article describes the implementation process of a nationwide project to enhance young people's participation and active citizenship in the context of Portugal's economic recession. This project used an innovative Positive Youth Development approach that engaged Portuguese youth (aged 11-18 years) through social media tools to facilitate their civic engagement and development. Participants from all over the country were empowered (1) to design and conduct research activities on topics of their choice and about their life contexts and (2) to create ways to improve youth civic participation in their communities, while developing supportive interactions with adults and peers. Overall, youth...

  17. How do formal caregivers experience the sexuality of older adults? Beliefs and attitudes towards older adults’ sexuality

    Monteiro, Ana; von Humboldt, Sofia; Leal, Isabel Pereira
    Aim: The way caregivers experience the sexuality of older adults has implications to their identity and sexual manifestations. There are few studies that focus on the meaning of caring of older adults, taking into account their sexuality. This study aims to explore the experiences of formal caregivers (FC) towards sexuality among older adults, and to obtain a description of their experiences. Method: Complete data were available from six caregivers working in a nursing home. We used a sociodemographic questionnaire and topic interview guide. The data was subjected to content analysis. Results: The most prevalent response of the interviewed participants for ‘beliefs about the interest in...

  18. The memory of what we do not recall: Dissociations and theoretical debates in the study of implicit memory

    Ramos, Tânia; Marques, João Amaral; Garcia-Marques, Leonel
    Implicit memory reflects itself on situations in which previously acquired information is expressed, without awareness or intention. The study of implicit memory has had a profound impact on how researchers have investigated the human memory. In this paper, we review the main studies which have revealed dissociations between direct and indirect tests of memory, and address the two main theoretical approaches used to explain these dissociations: the processing view and the multiple systems view. We then describe recent neuroscience studies and discuss its contributions to help clarify the debate about the mechanisms involved in explicit and implicit memory. Finally, we critically analyze some questions and controversies surrounding this literature, such...

  19. Young people living with unemployed parents during a labour market-crisis: How do Portugal and Scotland compare?

    Frasquilho, Diana; Matos, Margarida Gaspar de; Currie, Candace; Neville, Fergus G.; Whitehead, Ross; Gaspar, Tânia; Almeida, José Miguel Caldas de
    In Europe the rate of unemployment increased due to the 2008–2009 economic recession. The negative effect of unemployment on adult well-being has been demonstrated and there are strong reasons to believe that young people living in unemployed households may be also affected. Unemployment protection policies and family support programmes might help buffer such effects. The aim of this study was to explore the associations between parental unemployment and youth mental well-being outcomes, and to examine possible heterogeneity between two countries with different labourmarket policies and parental support programme availability (Portugal and Scotland). Data were collected in 2014 by the Health Behaviour in School-aged Children study in Scotland and...

  20. Work engagement among rescue workers: Psychometric properties of the portuguese UWES

    Sinval, Jorge; Pinto, Alexandra Marques; Queirós, Cristina; Maroco, João
    Rescue workers have a stressful and risky occupation where being engaged is crucial to face physical and emotional risks in order to help other persons. This study aims to estimate work engagement levels of rescue workers (namely comparing nurses, firefighters, and police officers) and to assess the validity evidence related to the internal structure of the Portuguese versions of the UWES-17 and UWES-9, namely, dimensionality, measurement invariance between occupational groups, and reliability of the scores. To evaluate the dimensionality, we compared the fit of the three-factor model with the fit of a second-order model. A Portuguese version of the instrument...

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