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Ohio State Law Journal: Volume 60, Issue 4 (1999)

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  1. Masthead (Volume 60, Number 4, 1999)

  2. Aka v. Washington Hospital Center: Why the Debate over Pretext Ended with Hicks

    Kerns, Leslie M.

  3. In Re Madden: The Threat to the New Journalism

    Swartwout, Daniel A.

  4. Judicial Deference to EEOC Interpretations of the Civil Rights Act, the ADA, and the ADEA: Is the EEOC a Second Class Agency?

    Wern, Theodore W.

  5. Default Rules, Mandatory Rules, and the Movement for Same-Sex Equality

    Gallanis, T. P.

  6. The Consequences of Welfare Reform for Children

    Federle, Katherine Hunt

  7. The Impact of Welfare Reform on Children: Can We Get It Right Before the Crunch Comes?

    Edelman, Peter B.

  8. Welfare Discrimination and Child Welfare

    Pelton, Leroy H.

  9. The Law of Unintended Consequences: The 1996 Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act and Its Impact on Medicaid for Families with Children

    Rosenbaum, Sara; Maloy, Kathleen A.

  10. A Rising Tide Does Not Raise All Boats: Welfare Reform in the City of Philadelphia

    Rich, Lauren M.; Schwartz, Ira M.

  11. Food Insufficiency and Material Hardship in Post-TANF Welfare Families

    Corcoran, Mary E.; Heflin, Colleen M.; Siefert, Kristine

  12. Welfare Reform: Ohio's Response

    Wilson, Miriam S.; Adams, Charles F., Jr.

  13. Welfare Reform, Management Systems, and Their Implications for Children

    Gais, Thomas L.; Johnson, Cathy M.

  14. Protection, Privatization, and Profit in the Foster Care System

    Mangold, Susan Vivian

  15. Families Without Paradigms: Child Poverty and Out-of-Home Placement in Historical Perspective

    Ross, Catherine J.

  16. Child Welfare and the Juvenile Court

    Federle, Katherine Hunt

  17. Children's Interests in a Familial Context: Poverty, Foster Care, and Adoption

    Cahn, Naomi R.

  18. One Boy's View of the Welfare System

    Williams, Gregory H.

  19. Table of Contents (Volume 60, Number 4, 1999)

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