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Ohio State Law Journal: Volume 9, Issue 1 (1948)

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  1. Municipal Government in Ohio Before 1912

    Walker, Harvey

  2. Home Rule Powers in Theory and Practice

    Fordham, Jefferson B.; Asher, Joe F.

  3. Municipal Taxation A Study of the Pre-emption Doctrine

    Glander, C. Emory; Dewey, Addison E.

  4. Comparative Powers of Charter and Non-Charter Municipalities Under Ohio Home Rule

    Owens, Willard P.

  5. Procedure in Home Rule Charter Making

    Harper, J. Q.; Savage, G. H.

  6. Public Utilities Under Home Rule

    Minor, Robert W.; Stevenson, Burton

  7. The Power of Ohio Municipalities to Enact Private Law

    Davidson, W. P.

  8. Cincinnati and Home Rule

    Seasongood, Murray

  9. Appellate Jurisdiction of the Courts of Appeals in Ohio

    Lee, William J.

  10. Absolute and Qualified Nuisance in Ohio

    Cromer, William M.

  11. Recent Decisions

    Masser, George; Fisher, Donald W.; Evans, Louis E.; Gantz, Richard O.; Deitle, Charles; Devaney, William B.; Davidson, Charles W., Jr.; Conkle, A. J.

  12. Masthead and Editorial (Volume 9, Number 1, 1948)

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