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Ohio State Law Journal: Volume 9, Issue 4 (1948)

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  1. Index (Volume 9, 1948)

  2. Recent Decisions

    Stephenson, Earl E.; Kendall, Bryce W.; Taylor, George E.; Crown, Howard; Mahaffey, Ralph N.; Howard, Lowell B.; Hart, David W.; Shibley, Norman W.; Mitchell, Etta Melton; Tracy, Jack W.; Cromer, William M.; Donnelly, J. Robert; Marlowe, L. Dennis; Fisher, Lloyd E., Jr.

  3. The Uniform Simultaneous Death Act For Ohio

    Folkerth, Jack W.

  4. Foreign Depositions in Ohio and the Uniform Act

    Harley, Max

  5. Uniform Contribution Among Tortfeasors Act

    Fisher, Donald W.

  6. Uniform Desertion and Nonsupport Act - Present Text and Proposed Revision - A Comparison With Ohio Law

    Taylor, George E.

  7. Masthead (Volume 9, Number 4, 1948)

  8. Ohio Partnership Law and The Uniform Partnership Act

    Mathews, Robert E.; Folkerth, Justin H.

  9. Transfers in Fraud of Creditors, Ohio Law and the Uniform Act

    Rose, William H.; Hunsinger, Paul O.

  10. The Future of Uniform Laws-The Commercial Code

    Horack, Frank E., Jr.

  11. Editorial Note: The Organized Movement for Uniform State Legislation

    Ball, Vaughn C.

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