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Ohio State Law Journal: Volume 13, Issue 1 (1952)

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  1. Recent Decisions

    Greenslade, Victor F.; De Santo, Anthony R.; Isham, Duane L.; Shanklin, Charles E.; Schneider, William H.; Talisman, Harold

  2. The "Enoch Arden" And Related Problems

    Primm, James D., Jr.

  3. Torts-- Actions Between Husband And Wife

    Miller, Earl R.

  4. The Protection Of Interests In The Marital Relation

    Malone, C. William

  5. Recognition Of Foreign Divorces

    Dwyer, John B.

  6. Masthead (Volume 13, Number 1, 1952)

  7. Some Problems Under The Adoption Laws Of Ohio

    Taft, Robert, Jr.

  8. Federal Tax Implications of Divorce Decrees and Settlements

    Coughlin, Baring

  9. Public Service By Lawyers in the Field of Divorce

    Alexander, Paul W.

  10. The Failure of Divorce Reform

    Ploscowe, Morris

  11. Foreword

    Hill, Warren P.

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