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Ohio State Law Journal: Volume 15, Issue 4 (1954)

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  1. Index (Volume 15, 1954)

  2. Index (Volume 15, 1954)

  3. Recent Decisions

    Wiper, Donald W., Jr.; Fultz, Bernard V.; Hering, Charles D., Jr.; Taggart, John Yeatman; Bernstein, Howard Webster; Pickett, Richard C.

  4. Masthead (Volume 15, Number 4, 1954)

  5. The Use and Abuse of Cross-Examination In Relation to Expert Testimony: The Second Alger Hiss Trial

    Hill, Warren P.

  6. Law and Medicine: A Report on Interprofessional Relations

    Willenborg, Edward F.

  7. Injuries to Extremities

    Brown, John Q.

  8. The Medico-Legal Aspect of Low Back Pain

    Wiltberger, Ben R.

  9. Injury and Heart Disease-- Legal Aspects

    Kissane, R. W.

  10. Traumatic Neuroses

    Palmer, Dwight M.

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