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ESO: Economics and Sociology Occasional Papers (AEDE)

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  1. Biotechnology and Third World Farming Systems

    Kenney, Martin

  2. Microcomputers on the Farm: Has Their Time Come?

    Lines, Allan E.

  3. The Impact of Foreign Capita Transfers on Developing Country Agriculture

    Larson, Donald W.; Vogel, Robert C.
    The impact of foreign capital transfers on developing country agriculture is examined for 13 major borrowers during the period 1973-82. Large foreign capital transfers permit over-valued exchange rates to develop or continue, and these penalize agriculture by reducing the incentives to export and by increasing the incentives to import. Results indicate that an increasing ratio of foreign debt to GNP is associated with an increasing ratio of agricultural imports to GNP and a decreasing ratio of agricultural exports to GNP. It is concluded that further borrowing by debtburdened countries is unlikely to solve their basic problems unless accompanied by the...

  4. How Much Can You Pay for Land?

    Lines, Allan E.

  5. Farm Management in the 80's: Some Things Change, Others Don't

    Lines, Allan E.

  6. How Much Can You Pay for Land Rent?

    Lines, Allan E.

  7. Farm Financial Management Education: Ohio's Experience with the Coordinated Statements for Agriculture

    Lines, Allan E.

  8. Financial Management Education in Ohio: Our Experience with the Coordinated Financial Statements for Agriculture

    Lines, Allan E.

  9. Ohio Farmers Who Sell Production Inputs: The Case of Farmer - Seed Dealers

    Zulauf, Carl R.; King, Kevin

  10. 1985 Economic Policy and Outlook for Agribusiness

    Henderson, Dennis R.; Barr, Wallace

  11. 1971 Farm Business Analysis Report Dairy Summary

    Bastian, John W.; Taylor, Reed D.; Duvick, Richard D.; Moore, John E.
    Exact date of working paper unknown.

  12. 1983 Ohio Farm Income

    Havlicek, Joseph, Jr.; Carter, Homer L.; Hanuschak, George; Johnson, Theresa W.

  13. Outdoor Recreation Participation in Ohio 1983-84: A Statewide Survey

    Napier, Ted L.; McClaskie, Stephen B.

  14. Who Should Consider Crop Insurance?

    Lines, Allan E.

  15. Development Strategies, Crisis, and Domestic Resource Mobilization in Central America

    González Vega, Claudio
    Exact date of working paper unknown.

  16. Foreign Exchange Speculation, Currency Substitution, and Domestic Deposit Mobilization: the Case of Costa Rica

    Camacho, Arnoldo R.; González Vega, Claudio
    Exact date of working paper unknown.

  17. La Crisis Economica: Algunas Comparacioues con La Experienca de Centro America

    González Vega, Claudio

  18. An Overview of Soil Conservation Research in Agricultural Economics at The Ohio State University

    Tabriz, S. Nabaee; Forster, D. Lynn

  19. Costs of Financial Intermediation Under Regulations: Commercial Banks and Development Banks

    Cuevas, Carlos E.

  20. Rational Expectations and Agricultural Models: A Critical Review of the Concept and Its Use

    Exact date of working paper unknown.

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