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The Hospital Prof. Dr. Fernando Fonseca E.P.E. (HFF) institutional repository collects, preserves and disseminates the intellectual output of its professionals in digital format. Its aims are to increase the HFF’s investigation visibility and citation impact, to foster scientific communication and to preserve the HFF’s intellectual memory.

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  1. Mobile health platform for pressure ulcer monitoring with electronic health record integration.

    Rodrigues, J; Pedro, L; Vardasca, T; Torre-Diez, I; Martins, H
    Pressure ulcers frequently occur in patients with limited mobility, for example, people with advanced age and patients wearing casts or prostheses. Mobile information communication technologies can help implement ulcer care protocols and the monitoring of patients with high risk, thus preventing or improving these conditions. This article presents a mobile pressure ulcer monitoring platform (mULCER), which helps control a patient's ulcer status during all stages of treatment. Beside its stand-alone version, it can be integrated with electronic health record systems as mULCER synchronizes ulcer data with any electronic health record system using HL7 standards. It serves as a tool to...
    - 27-ago-2015

  2. Imaging Screening of Catastrophic Neurological Events Using a Software Tool: Preliminary Results

    Fernandes, AP; Gomes, A; Veiga, J; Ermida, D; Vardasca, T
    BACKGROUND: In Portugal, as in most countries, the most frequent organ donors are brain-dead donors. To answer the increasing need for transplants, donation programs have been implemented. The goal is to recognize virtually all the possible and potential brain-dead donors admitted to hospitals. The aim of this work was to describe preliminary results of a software application designed to identify devastating neurological injury victims who may progress to brain death and can be possible organ donors. METHODS: This was an observational, longitudinal study with retrospective data collection. The software application is an automatic algorithm based on natural language processing for selected keywords/expressions present...
    - 09-ago-2015

  3. O acesso aberto à literatura científica e a plataforma OJS

    Sustelo, A; Vardasca, T
    O século XXI surge associado a uma Internet “rapidíssima” que permite em milésimos de segundos encontrar informação e guardá-la de forma imediata. Além de rentabilizar tempo permite virtualmente estar em diferentes locais ao mesmo tempo.
    - 09-abr-2015

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