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Ohio State Law Journal: Volume 19, Issue 2 (1958)

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  1. State Taxation of a Foreign Corporation Engaged in Exclusively Interstate Commerce

    Cox, Marshall H., Jr.

  2. Recovery for Mental Anguish in Ohio

    Rosato, Peter P.

  3. Grants of Easements and Estates Distinguished: Alienability of Possibility of Reverter

    Inscore, L. L.

  4. Control Over Ultra Vires Activity of Liquor Board

    Moore, Lloyd

  5. Constitutionality of State Judicial Jurisdiction Over Non-Residents

    Stebelton, Richard A.

  6. Conscientious Objectors and the Naturalization Laws

    Stebbins, Phillip E.

  7. Admissibility in Federal Court of Evidence Overheard on Extension Phone

    Meletzke, R. Otto

  8. The Rule Against Perpetuities and Pension Trusts--An Obstacle in Tax Planning

    Wehr, William W.

  9. Criminal Registration Ordinances and the Consequences of Judicial Consideration

    Lawrence, Wayman C., III

  10. Life Expectancy and Loss of Earning Capacity

    Duffey, John J.

  11. Masthead (Volume 19, Number 2, 1958)

  12. Must We Discard Our Law of Negligence in Personal Injury Cases?

    Greene, Bruno H.

  13. A New Approach to Personal Injury Litigation

    Marx, Robert S.

  14. The Maldistribution of Damages in Wrongful Death: Damage Interests in Wrongful Death Judgement and Releases During Life

    Duffey, John J.

  15. Actuarial Tables and Damage Awards

    Immel, Vincent C.

  16. Income Taxes and Personal Injury Awards

    Nordstrom, Robert J.

  17. Damages for Pain and Suffering

    Plant, Marcus L.

  18. The Role of Profits in Personal Injury Actions

    Slagle, L. Orin

  19. The Jury, the Law, and the Personal Injury Damage Award

    Kalven, Harry, Jr.

  20. Damages for Personal Injuries: Foreword

    Wright, Charles Alan

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