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Ohio State Law Journal: Volume 19, Issue 3 (1958)

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  1. Masthead (Volume 19, Number 3, 1958)

  2. Life Insurer Liable for Death Caused by Beneficiary without Insurable Interest in Decedent

    Cairns, J. Donald

  3. Jury Trial Not Waived by Simultaneously Pending Motions for Directed Verdict

    Cox, Marshall H., Jr.

  4. Failure of Grand Jury Foreman to Subscribe Name to Indictment

    Shaw, M. J.

  5. Duplicate Originals and the Best Evidence Rule

    Wharton, Joanne

  6. General Speed Statute Void for Vagueness

    Taggart, John Yeatman

  7. Reversal of Conviction on Lesser Included Offense Does Not Permit Retrial of First Degree Murder Charge

    Patchen, Richard V.

  8. Real Estate Corporations: Sale of All Realty Authorized by General Purpose Clause

    Phillips, Lloyd D.

  9. Tax Exemption: Real Property Used for Public Purpose

    Demos, Nicholas L.

  10. Advertisement Covers for Telephone Directories not Unfair Competition

    Sigall, Leonard S.

  11. Legislative Finality of Constitutional Amendatory Proposals

    Taylor, Charles E.

  12. Waiver of Counsel in State Non-Capital Criminal Trials

    Moore, Lloyd

  13. Enforceability of Divorce Decree Providing for Religious Education of Child

    Meletzke, R. Otto

  14. Ohio's New One-Cause-of-Action Rule for Negligent Acts

    Berman, Alan E.

  15. The Law of Dead Bodies: Impeding Medical Progress

    Krauskopf, B. Joan

  16. Law and Laws

    Pound, Roscoe

  17. The Future of Administrative Law

    Ginnane, Robert W.

  18. The Proposed New Code of Administrative Procedure

    Fuchs, Ralph F.

  19. A Federal Code of Administrative Procedure (On the Moon--That Is)

    Harris, Whitney R.

  20. Admission to and Control of Practice Before Federal Administrative Agencies

    Henley, J. Smith

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