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Ohio State Law Journal: Volume 23, Issue 2 (1962)

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  1. Death Resulting Solely from Mental and Emotional Strain Held a Compensable Injury under Workmen's Compensation Law

  2. Extension of the Implied Acknowledgment Doctrine as Prima Facie Evidence for Probate of a Will

  3. Conveyance to Municipality for Park Purposes Held Fee Simple Absolute

  4. Service Upon Corporation Permitted Although No Attempt to Serve Major Officers or Employees

  5. Genuineness of Signatures Under the Negotiable Instruments Law and the Uniform Commercial Code

  6. Recovery for Negligence Without Impact

  7. Imposition of Strict Liability for Crop Dusting Damage

  8. Wife and Dependent Children's Right to Invade to Corpus of Trust of Husband Benficiary

  9. Criminal Obscenity Statute Held Unconstitutional for Lack of Scienter

  10. Whether Mutuality of Obligation Exists in a Contract is to be Determined by Arbitrators

  11. A Proposed Modification of the Parental Immunity Doctrine

    Brooker, James K.

  12. Masthead (Volume 23, Number 2, 1962)

  13. Secured Transactions: Sales of Accounts, Contract Rights, and Chattel Paper

    Burns, Lawrence J.

  14. Investment Securities Article 8--Uniform Commercial Code

    Walker, Owen F.

  15. Documents of Title--Article 7 of the Uniform Commercial Code

    Goldston, Eli; McKenzie, Paul J.

  16. The Uniform Commercial Code Article 6: New Bulk Sales Legislation for Ohio

    Stevenson, Charles E.

  17. Letters of Credit--A Concise Codification

    Auerbach, Boris

  18. Bank Deposits and Collections Before and After the Uniform Commercial Code

    Griffiths, Jack L.

  19. Article 3 of the Uniform Commercial Code

    Lynn, Robert J.

  20. Article 2: Sales

    Lattin, Norman D.

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