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  1. The structure of certain American Christian responses to the nuclear dilemma, 1958-1963.

    Potter, Ralph Benajah
    - 29-ago-2017

  2. The Rhetoric of PIETAS: The Pastoral Epistles and Claims to Piety in the Roman Empire

    Hoklotubbe, Thomas Christopher
    This dissertation reads the Pastoral Epistles alongside imperial propaganda, monumental inscriptions, and philosophical writings of the Roman period to determine how claims to piety (Greek: εὐσέβεια, Latin: pietas) advanced socio-political aims and reinforced cultural values and ideological assumptions among its audiences. Coins celebrating the pietas of the imperial households of Trajan and Hadrian, the honorary inscription of Salutaris in Ephesus, and the writings of Philo and Plutarch evidence that appeals to piety functioned rhetorically to naturalize hierarchies of power and social orders, recognize the honorable status of citizens, signal expertise in knowledge about the divine, and delineate insiders from outsiders....
    (application/pdf) - 29-ago-2017

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