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Ohio State Law Journal: Volume 34, Issue 1 (1973)

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  1. Case Notes

    Zimmerman, John F., Jr.; Neal, William L.

  2. Case Notes

    Zimmerman, John F., Jr.; Neal, William L.

  3. Securities Regulation--A Case for Applying the Proxy Rules to Solicitations for Funds in Class Actions Based Upon the Securities Acts

    Whiting, Hugh R.; Reed, Frederick R.

  4. Masthead (Volume 34, Number 1, 1973)

  5. Intestate Succession and Wills: A Comparative Analysis of Article II of the Uniform Probate Code and the Law of Ohio

    Curry, Earl M., Jr.

  6. In Memoriam: Ervin H. Pollack

    McKnight, Thomas K.; Cavendish, Thomas E.; Callahan, Charles C.; Strong, Frank R.; Rutledge, Ivan C.; Kirby, James C., Jr.

  7. Table of Contents (Volume 34, Number 1, 1973)

  8. Constitutional Relgious Protection: Anitiquated Oddity or Vital Reality?

    Hollingsworth, William G.

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