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Ohio State Law Journal: Volume 34, Issue 3 (1973)

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  1. The Proper Standard of Fault for Imposing Personal Liability on Corporate Directors for False or Misleading Statements in Proxy Solicitations Under Section 14(a) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and SEC Rule 14a-9

    Schmids, Stephen Robert

  2. Case Notes

    King, Tunney L.; Frasure, Mark D.; Leibensperger, Edward P.

  3. Equal Protection and the Pregnancy Leave Case

    Gardner, John D.

  4. Denial of Deficiency: A Problem of Reasonable Notice Under UCC § 9-504(3)

    Mancino, Douglas M.

  5. The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970: State Plans and the General Duty Clause

    Simson, Gary J.

  6. Sentence Crediting for the State Criminal Defendant--A Constitutional Requirement

    Richards, Suzanne K.

  7. Toward a Legal Theory of the Right to Education of the Mentally Retarded

    Richards, Suzanne K.; Williams, Lois G.

  8. Masthead (Volume 34, Number 3, 1973)

  9. A Modest Proposal to Amend Ohio's Post-Conviction Commitment Law

    Geltner, Michael E.

  10. A Modest Proposal to Amend Ohio's Post-Conviction Commitment Law

    Geltner, Michael E.

  11. Settlement of Private Antitrust Litigation Including Class Type Actions and Multiple Defendant Lawsuits

    Dobbin, Robert F.

  12. Organizing the Defense of the Private Antitrust Class Action

    McClatchey, John F.

  13. Smorgasbord of Remedies

    Bates, Walter A.

  14. Preparing the Plaintiff's Antitrust Case

    Arnold, Alan

  15. The Effect of Justice Department and FTC Cases on Private Antitrust Litigation

    Steinhouse, Carl L.

  16. Introduction

  17. Table of Contents (Volume 34, Number 3, 1973)

  18. Alternative Courses of Action Available to Persons Injured Under the Antitrust Laws

    Monroe, Murray S.

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