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Ask: Research and Methods. Volume 3, Issue 1 (1996)

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  1. Badanie alfabetyzmu funkcjonalnego dorosłych

    Świerzbowska-Kowalik, Ewa; Gulczyńska, Hanna
    - 31-may-2015

  2. Stabilność odpowiedzi w badaniach socjologicznych

    Domański, Henryk; Dukaczewska, Aleksandra
    We are dwelling, here, with analysis of stability in responses given by respondents during one interview. Stability is referred to reliability of questions. We point out some determinants of changes in answering the same questions during the interview and consequences of these changes for validity of data. The analysis is based on data from research carried out on national samples, that of: (i) the Polish General Social Surveys 1993 and 1994 (conjoined with International Social Survey module), and (ii) 'Changes in views of Poles' done in 1995 by the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences.
    - 31-may-2015

  3. Szacowanie i kontrolowanie wpływu ośrodka badawczego w analizach dynamiki nastrojów społecznych

    Klarkowski, Andrzej
    Seven public opinion indices which hod been measured in parallel in representative samples by at least two public opinion centres for at least 12 months were selected from a pool of findings of public opinion studies conducted in Poland after 1990. Similarity of the values of indices measured at the same point in time and similarity of the dynamics of these values were determined. A high degree of similarity was found, thus confirming the reliability of the indices and trustworthiness of the polling centres. Different polling stations obtained similar index values but their estimates of change were contaminated by a greater level of error. Analysis of variance, with...
    - 31-may-2015

  4. Miejsce biografii w socjologii interpretatywnej. Program socjologii biografistycznej Fritza Schutzego

    Rokuszewska-Pawełek, Alicja
    This is some overview of the interpretative approach in research on biographies as well as changes in dealing with this. I focus, here, on presentation of the theoretical- methodological conception by Fritz Schütze, as being one of the most influential and well-developed proposals within this sociological orientation. I discuss in turn: basic assumptions of this conception, its theoretical categories, specific technique of collecting data (i.e. by means of narrative interview), procedure of analysis, and main directions of empirical research in this area.
    - 31-may-2015

  5. Sondaże telefoniczne

    Sawiński, Zbigniew
    Telephone surveys come to be more widely used in the 1970s, paralleling increase in application of computer techniques in the survey research. In the second half of the 1980s telephone surveys started to replace traditional face-to-face interviews. In this paper I overview basis of organization of telephone surveys. lts core resides in assistance of computer programs. They include, among others, modules of: questionnaire's edition, automatic selection of the phone number of respondents, control of the way of interviewing and running a session as well as final organization of data. Telephone surveys are based on some specific methods of sampling designs as adjusted to requirements of this technique. In...
    - 31-may-2015

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