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Ask: Research and Methods. Volume 4, Issue 2 (1996)

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  1. Analiza zależności między zmiennymi kategorialnymi. Przykłady zastosowania programu GLIM

    Domański, Henryk

  2. Społeczna i kulturowa tożsamość kobiet

    Titkow, Anna

  3. Wpływ struktury kwestionariusza na uzyskiwane odpowiedzi w badaniach prasowych

    Dalbard-Martin, François

  4. Socjologia a badania opinii publicznej

    Kwiatkowski, Piotr

  5. Ankieta do ankietera: źródło informacji czy dezinformacji o wywiadzie kwestionariuszowym?

    Sztabiński, Franciszek
    This paper deals with the question of the utility of an interview schedule as filled out by interviewer after the interrogation. They regard it as a tool that helps to assess quality of collected data. I analyze, here, answers given by the same interviewers to identical questions, but coming from two different interview schedules as well as answers by different interviewers coming from the same interview. Basing on this I attempt to determine whether their reports are valid source in assessment of quality of collected information. Data come from reports given in Appendixes to interviewers in the Polish General Social Survey 1994 and from the methodological research as...

  6. Identyfikacje z klasą średnią w pytaniu zamkniętym i otwartym

    Domański, Henryk
    This analysis provides additional empirical support for a thesis that "open" and "closed" questions show to be two different but complementary forms of asking questions. I compare, here, self-identifications with social classes declared by respondents when asked in an open and in closed way in the two surveys carried out on representative random samples in 1994 and in 1995. It appears that self-identifications as received by a close question ("upper, upper-middle, upper, middle, working, lower") better correlate with objective class position of respondents than the identifications expressed "freely", in respondents' own terms. I argue that it has nothing to do with the validity...

  7. Problem sponsora sondażu w oczach respondentów CBOS w roku 1992

    Przybyłowska, Ilona; Gostkowski, Zygmunt
    The question to determine is what respondents think about making them known the name of financial sponsor of the research. We attempted to resolve this issue empirically, basing on the representative random sample (N= 1212). The survey was carried out by the Centre for Social Opinion Research (CBOS). It shows that 46,3% of respondents would like to be informed on who sponsors research. Predominant part of them (61%) disapproved anonymity of the sponsor. Respondents indifferent to this issue emphasized such reasons as: stability of their opinions. independence of their views, general lock of interests in "politics", general disapproval of surveys, and their adherence to pluralism. Information about the...

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