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Ask: Research and Methods. Volume 8, Issue 1 (1999)

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  1. Analiza treści wspomagana komputerowo. Badanie społecznych reprezentacji polityki

    Trutkowski, Cezary

  2. Relacje władzy w rodzinie

    Duch, Danuta

  3. Jednostki niedostępne. Problem wpływu na wyniki badań

    Domański, Henryk
    I attempt, here, to determine effect of non-available respondents on results of survey research. This analysis is based on the Polish General Social Survey carried out in Poland in 1994, and on its follow-up realized on respondents who were not approached in PGSS. There were two basic questions: (i) whether non-available respondents differ in significant way from the PGSS sample? (ii) how much, and in what direction. this affects conclusions based on the PGSS? I test effect of 'non-availability' in regression models concerning social stratification and various attitudes. Results of the analysis, which may surprise, show that non-available respondents do not affect results of standard analyses in a...

  4. Wywiad telefoniczny ze wspomaganiem komputerowym (CATI): co zyskujemy, co tracimy?

    Sztabiński, Paweł B.
    CATI is much better than face-to-face interview with respect to organizational and financial questions. It takes less time, facilitates standardization of asking questions, causes less errors during interview, permits control of their work, and is cheaper. However one may ask, what is validity of data collected by means of CATI? In this article, which is based on empirical data I take up two two important issues: (i) to what extent CATI sample differs from the sample realized in traditional survey, and (ii) whether answers to questions asked in CATI and traditional survey are the same or differ: if so in what way?

  5. O potrzebie rewitalizacji badań monograficznych. Nowe wyzwania metodologiczne dla socjologii akademickiej

    Kwaśniewicz, Władysław
    The basic premise of this article is belief that Polish sociology have been predominated by survey research and--consequently--could not determine the most important questions that we face in the 1990s. I attempt to show possibilities which reside in monographic approach, its theoretical foundations and perspectives of application in solving so-called social problems. Concluding I emphasize that we witness some shift in methodolological consciousness of Polish sociologist who turn to monographis studies, although their revitalization takes long time. One has to revise programs of methodological courses in universities as well as gain more support in institutions granting research funds.

  6. Badania surveyowe w latach 90. na tle powojennej metodologii

    Lutyńska, Krystyna

  7. Konstruktywizm jako orientacja metodologiczna w badaniach społecznych

    Zybertowicz, Andrzej
    One can define concept of constructivism as reflecting such kind of research as those referred to Social Studies of Science, Social Studies of Knowledge, Studies of Scientific Knowledge, Science and Technology Studies. As such it refers to conceptions which are near post-empirical, post-positivist philosophy of science, and post-modernist conceptions of knowledge. This is some important methodological orientation because it identifies in empirical way mechanisms which provide individual success in science. Process of cognition under this approach does not refer to game with reality but is-- first of all-- social game itself. played within framework of institutional constraints. This article aims to show that construction takes place...

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