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Ask: Research and Methods. Volume 11, Issue 1 (2002)

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  1. Porównawcza analiza zjawisk korupcyjnych w Polsce: założenia projektu badawczego

    Kutyłowski, Andrzej J.
    - 31-may-2015

  2. Zdrowie, nierówności społeczne, dezintegracja społeczna. Opis projektu

    Sikorska, Joanna
    - 31-may-2015

  3. Punkt „środkowy” w skalach bipolarnych: zamieszczać czy nie zamieszczać?

    Sztabiński, Paweł B.
    In view of empirical data percentage of respondents choosing middle point on the bi-polar scales ranges from 3 to 50%. This shows that one cannot neglect decision, whether to include or omit this point. There is no agreement among researchers concerning this choice. Analyses presented below shows, first, to what extent insertion of the middle ("neutral") point to four-point scale changes its distribution. In the next step I try to determine which kind of these two scales is better, as considered in terms of reliability and validity. In conclusions I present interpretation which focus on the popular meaning of these...
    - 31-may-2015

  4. Identyfikacja błędów pomiaru w modelach zależności strukturalnych

    Domański, Henryk
    One of the key issues in methodology of sociological research concerns identification of measurement errors. This analysis starts from historical overview of methods of analysis of this issue. Then some attempt is made to point out major merits and drawback of various approaches to measurement of errors which ens up conclusion that relatively most fruitfull is that based on confirmatory factor analyses and structural models. Using confirmatory factor analysis I try to prove utility of this approach showing that it allows to increase validity and reliability of measurement. Data come from national samples in Poland and analyses concern effect of...
    - 31-may-2015

  5. Wywiad z użyciem fotografii w metodologii badań socjologicznych i w praktyce społecznej

    Olechnicki, Krzysztof; Szlendak, Tomasz
    The article aims to present advantages of photo-interviewing for research activities in social sciences and for social practice, including advertising and social work. It is emphasized that photography is a very helpful tool at every step of research process not only in visual sociology (in which this method finds the widest application) but for almost all researchers interested in culture and social world. It is also suitable for professionals in social practice who nowadays primarily use quantitative techniques which are widespread and considered as more "scientific" than so-called "soft'' or qualitative methods such as photo-interviewing.
    - 31-may-2015

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