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Ask: Research and Methods. Volume 14, Issue 1 (2005)

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  1. Metody ilościowe w naukach społecznych

    Domański, Henryk

  2. Algorytm alokacji tytułów zawodowych pomiędzy respondentów w eksperckich badaniach prestiżu zawodów

    Bojanowski, Michał

  3. Jak połączyć pilotaż z badaniem próbnym? Przykład Europejskiego Sondażu Społecznego 2004

    Sztabiński, Franciszek; Sztabiński, Paweł B.
    Survey research used to be preceded by pilot studies. This article shows how one can combine two kinds of them, namely: pre-test and trial study. Pre-tests are carried out on small samples, and their results are analyzed in qualitative way. Trial studies are conducted on samples of several hundred cases and collected data are subjected to quantitative analyses. Original methodology established in pilot study for the ESS combines quantitative and qualitative analyses and allow to overcome constraints of taken separately pre-test and trial study.

  4. Po co archiwizować dane jakościowe i jak robią to inni

    Filipkowski, Piotr
    This article aims at providing base for discussion on building of Polish Archive of QUALITATIVE Data. In first part, I present basic arguments for archivization and secondary analyses of qualitative data when collected. This is illustrated by Paul Thompson’s case who is a predecessor of oral history, and researcher in social history, family, and a founder of exemplary archive of qualitative data in Great Britain. Then, I present in detailed way two prominent European archives: British one called QUALIDATA and Deutches Gedachtnis in Germany. Both them may be regarded as model cases in approaching to creation of the Polish archive....

  5. Archiwum społecznych danych jakościowych: potrzeby, kontrowersje, propozycje praktyczne

    Kościański, Artur
    The article presents argumentation for the need to establish archive of qualitative data. Controversies related to this and several practical and methodological solutions in dealing with it. Robert K. Merton’s discussion on qualitative analyses in sociology indicates that such archive is much comprehensive enterprise than development of a library collecting biographical materials, and it should fulfill functions of ‘god adjusted scientific knowledge’ in the terms of Merton’s concept of qualitative-data-paradigms. In conclusion, recommendation is made that such a project should provide scientific information not only in the field of sociology but also in whole human sciences.

  6. O potrzebie ochrony danych jakościowych. Z doświadczeń socjologa-humanisty

    Palska, Hanna
    This article provides arguments for creation of the archive of qualitative data in Poland. I dwell on history of the Polish memoirs data that–as collected mostly by Józef Chałasiński and his disciples–were in great deal, dispersed and destroyed. Nowadays, in face of digital techniques, one can collect memoirs, autobiographies, in-depth interviews–which are generally referred to personal documents–in relatively simple and cheap way. The final and necessary stage of field work in qualitative research should be organization of data in archive.

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