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Ask: Research and Methods. Volume 15, Issue 1 (2006)

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  1. Ocena jakości skali ze szczególnym uwzględnieniem jej rzetelności i trafności za pomocą skalowania Rascha

    Węziak, Dorota
    The aim of the article is to present Rasch model and its application to the assessment of scale validity and reliability. The method is hardly known in Poland. The problem of good quality data is important as such a data is a prerequisite of reliable results of each statistical analysis. The Rasch model provides a different approach to the assessment of the scale quality from that having been used in Poland and described among others by David Magnusson, Jerzy Brzezinski, Jaroslaw Gorniak, Andrzej Machowski, Adam Sagan. The text consists of two parts–-theoretical one and practical one. The former includes methodology...
    - 04-jun-2015

  2. Metody wnioskowania ekologicznego w badaniach wyborczych

    Kocór, Marcin
    In social sciences we often have to do with aggregated data which pose both methodological and practical problems. Erroneous inference of individual characteristics and behaviors from this kind of data, described and named by Robinson as “ecological fallacy”, has been known for more than fifty years now. Several statistical approaches were developed to deal with the problem and produce valid and reliable results. This paper provides on overview of the most popular and frequently used methods of ecological inference. First one is ecological regression as developed by Goodman in a direct answer to Robinson’s article. The last one is quite...
    - 04-jun-2015

  3. Wykorzystanie metod ilościowych w badaniach marketingowych w Polsce

    Perek-Białas, Jolanta; Korzeniecka, Urszula
    This article presents the results of a research project that aimed at evaluating the extent to which quantitative methods are being implemented in marketing research in Poland. The analysis was based on interviews carried out in 2004 with representatives of chosen social and marketing research agencies. Our goal was to find out which of the quantitative methods are commonly used in marketing research in Poland and which ones are not, and to identify the possible reasons for that. According to our analysis, apart of simple statistical techniques (e.g. crosstabs, testing hypotheses), more advanced methods are used such as conjoint analysis...
    - 04-jun-2015

  4. Liczba wizyt i czas trwania badań

    Domański, Henryk
    Using data from European Social Survey 2002 I attempt to determine two questions. First, what are basic determinants of availability of respondents as defined in terms of number of visits to make interview. Second, to what extent responses are affected by date of interview in time trajectory of the research. One may assume that significant relationships between date of interview and responses would indicate systematic error resulting from effect of the context of interview related to time. My analysis is based on the Polish data. According to main findings, basic impediments of availability of respondents included: higher education, residence in...
    - 04-jun-2015

  5. Dlaczego respondenci uczestniczą lub nie uczestniczą w badaniach? Porównanie 1994–2004

    Sztabiński, Paweł B.
    In appendix to the Polish General Social Survey 1994 I carried out mail study sending respondents self-administered questionnaires asking them about motivation to take part in surveys and perception of their goals. Analysis of this study was presented in Ask 1995, 2. Since that time many changes took place in Poland as well as in survey research that might modify my conclusions from 1994. Bearing this in mind I repeated this study after 10 years, doing European Social Survey 2004. Respondents were asked the same questions designed to display common perception of surveys and find out incentives to increase participation...
    - 04-jun-2015

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