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Ask: Research and Methods. Volume 22, Issue 1 (2013)

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  1. Putnam et al’s Making Democracy Work: A Re-Examination in Cross-National Perspective

    Valentim, Rosa; Ramos, Marilia Patta; Paiva, Carlos Águedo Nagel
    The objective of this article is to provide a critical evaluation of the empirical analysis in Robert Putnam et al’s (2005) Making Democracy Work: Civic Traditions in Modern Italy. We propose new measurements of the major concepts and also incorporate information about income inequality as a factor in the determination of institutional and economic performance, all in cross-national perspective. This article has two concerns. Substantively, the research question posed is: what is the impact of the distribution of income on civic community, institutional performance and economic performance? We hypothesize that an equitable distribution of income leads to the development of...
    - 04-jun-2015

  2. How (Not) to Estimate the Design Effect of a Complex Sampling Scheme: A Case Study of the Polish Section of the European Social Survey, Round 5

    Jabkowski, Piotr
    Design effect (DEFF) is a measure used to assess the effectiveness of a particular sampling scheme. Even though its definition is remarkably simple (cf. Kish 1965: 258), its practical implementation turns out to be problematic. Researchers therefore usually simplify the estimation of DEFF by independently determining the values of three components, namely, the clustering effect (DEFFc), the stratification effect (DEFFs) and the effect of unequal sampling probabilities (DEFFp) and by multiplying these partial measures to obtain a measure of overall effect. However, the validity of such a simplified version depends on strict formal requirements which are met only in a...
    - 04-jun-2015

  3. Anti-Immigrant Sentiment and Occupational Context: An Examination of Multilevel Model Estimates When Samples Are Small

    Kunovich, Robert M.
    Many who study anti-immigrant sentiment attribute negative attitudes among the native population to objective economic threats that immigrants may pose. In multilevel studies, researchers focus almost exclusively on geographic regions, such as metropolitan areas or countries, as contexts within which to examine the consequences of objective economic threats. Although geographic regions are relevant, it is important to measure competition in other contextual units, such as occupations. Methodological challenges, however, have inhibited the measurement of economic competition and other important concepts in alternative contexts. Small sample sizes within occupations, for example, raise questions about statistical power and estimation. In this paper,...
    - 04-jun-2015

  4. Evaluating Measurement Invariance for Social and Political Trust in Western Europe over Four Measurement Time Points (2002-2008)

    Davidov, Eldad; Coromina, Lluis
    It is a well-documented fact that social trust, i.e., the extent to which people trust others, and political trust, i.e., trust in political institutions, are key factors in social capital theory. However, to compare these concepts in cross-national or longitudinal frameworks, it is important to first establish whether the measurements of these concepts are compatible across countries or over time. This paper tests the measurement and cross-national and longitudinal invariance properties of social and political trust. We use multiple-group confirmatory factor analyses (MGCFA) to evaluate the different levels of invariance (configural, metric and scalar) using data from the European Social...
    - 04-jun-2015

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