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Ohio State Law Journal: Volume 37, Issue 4 (1976)

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  1. Book Review

    Junger, Peter D.
    Book review of both "People or Penguins, The Case for Optimal Pollution" by William F. Baxter. New York: Columbia University Press, 1974. and "Environmental Law and Policy" by Eva H. Hanks, A. Dan Tarlock, & John L. Hanks. St. Paul: West Publishing Co., 1974.

  2. Constitutional Law--Eleventh Amendment: Case Notes

    Kuzma, Susan M.

  3. Constitutional Law--Sixth Amendment: Case Notes

    Gilker, Robert J.

  4. Constitutional Law--Public Regulation of Private Religious Schools: Case Notes

    Daley, Richard C.

  5. Constitutional Law--Defamation: Case Notes

    Bost, Glenn E., II

  6. Involuntary Interprison Transfers of State Prisoners after Meachum v. Fano and Montanye v. Haymes

    Burnside, Janet R.

  7. Masthead (Volume 37, Number 4, 1976)

  8. The Constitutional Charter of Ohio's Attorney General

    Miller, Terry M.; Miller, Clinton J., III

  9. The 1972 Amendments to the Longshoremen's and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act: Negligence Actions by Longshoremen Against Shipowners--A Proposed Solution

    Steinberg, Marc I.

  10. The Fourth Amendment Function of the Grand Jury

    Thompson, Charles A.

  11. Compensating the Innocent Accused

    Rosenn, Keith S.

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