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2014-15 Mershon Center Conferences

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  1. Military Frontiers: a Graduate Student Symposium, International Security in Three Parts: Poniard, Pen and Politician

    Curzon, Daniel; Watson, Mason
    This iteration of the Military Frontiers series of graduate student symposiums focuses on expanding the boundaries from previous conferences. This symposium will feature interdisciplinary panels whose wide array of thematic topics meet through their analysis of change in power structures. The graduate student presenters cover a breadth of history. The topics range from secret interwar period treaties between Germany and the Soviet Union to state formation during civil wars to the efficacy of drone strikes. Parties interested in military or diplomatic history, or political science are encouraged to attend and help our presenters achieve a wider perspective on their project.
    - 16-ago-2016

  2. Transitions in Vernacular Religiosity: The Post-Soviet Case

    Povedak, Istvan; Povedak, Kinga
    This workshop aims to introduce the changes and transformations of vernacular religiosity of Central and Eastern Europe in the past half-century. The first part of the lecture will focus on the religious circumstances of the Socialist era, the survival strategies of vernacular religiosity, the role of religious music as a countercultural practice. The second thematic part analyzes the transformations after 1989, the influx of transnational religious movements in the region such as the Pentecostal awakening among Romani groups and the “Neopagan-Christian war.” The aspects of religious transformations will be demonstrated through Hungarian case studies.
    - 09-jul-2015

  3. Winning and Losing the Great Game: Literature, Art, and Diplomacy between Russia and Iran

    Brintlinger, Angela
    An understanding of the historical relations between Iran, Georgia, Armenia and Russia is crucial for appreciating and navigating current political and cultural challenges in the region. The Russo-Persian Workshop will be devoted to looking closely at the relationship between imperial powers at their peak (1820s-1830s), some details of which still remain to be unearthed in archives across the region. Exploring the Russo-Persian relationship through cultural and artistic artifacts will shed light on diplomatic and cultural relations between two vital participants in the so-called "Great Game," Russia and Iran, and will contribute to an understanding of the region today.
    - 23-jun-2015

  4. Voting Amidst Economic Crisis: Southern Europe in a Comparative Perspective

    Gunther, Richard; Montero, José Ramón
    The economic crisis in Southern Europe has led to the disintegration of the party system and the rise of a neo-fascist party in Greece, the emergence of a comedian and his anti-system movement as the third-largest party in the Italian parliament, and massive waves of protest in Spain. José Ramón Montero (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid) and Richard Gunther (Ohio State) will present analyses of voting behavior in Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain in comparative perspective. These presentations will analyze data from national election surveys following the most recent and previous Southern European elections, with the contrasting analysis of voting behavior...
    - 16-ago-2016

  5. Sustainable Pluralism: Linguistic and Cultural Resilience in Multiethnic Societies

    Noyes, Dorothy; Joseph, Brian
    Turning away from policy discourses of preservation, protection, and heritage, we look at the grassroots strategies by which minority languages and cultural practices are sustained in plural societies. Weak actors defend themselves and pursue their goals through the arts of accommodation, avoidance, and nichemaking. But cultural flourishing is not identical with human flourishing. How do the two intersect and diverge over time? Our international case studies come from Tibet, New Orleans, Mongolia, the Philippines, Greenland, Jewish Krakow, Russian Alaska, indigenous Honduras, Kyrgyzstan, the Lake Michigan Potawatomi, the Senegambian borderland, western China, and beyond. 
    - 23-jun-2015

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