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  1. Essays in Intellectual Property Bargaining and Trade

    Ahn, Pyoungchan Joseph
    In this dissertation, I present three essays on the dynamics of intellectual property bargaining and trade, particularly of patents. The first essay presents a game theoretic model examining the sale of intellectual property rights from small inventors with buyers of varying commercialization capacity across intellectual property rights regimes with full and no property rights protection. The essay finds that in Nash equilibrium in both single seller and infinite seller scenarios, sellers generally approach firms with greater commercialization capabilities if property rights are strong, and approach firms with lesser commercialization capabilities if property rights are not protected. The second essay examines...

  2. The Digital Commons: Tragedy or Opportunity? The Effect of Crowdsourced Digital Goods on Innovation and Economic Growth

    Nagle, Francis
    The classic economic concept of the tragedy of the commons occurs when individuals overuse a public good, resulting in the complete depletion of the good. Comparatively, in the digital world public goods are non-rival and essentially infinitely abundant. However, the nearly infinite supply of a public digital good can still be tragic, albeit in a different manner. For example, the rise of the free crowdsourced digital good Wikipedia essentially destroyed billions of dollars of economic value in the encyclopedia industry. Despite this apparent destruction of value, the reduction in prices for many digital goods also represents a great opportunity. Firms...

  3. Complexity, Contract Design and Incentive Design in the Construction Management Industry

    Beg, Zeshawn Afsari
    In this paper I examine how one construction management company uses contract design and incentive design to respond to aspects of task complexity and relationship complexity present in its construction projects. In terms of contract design, I find that the company is unable to increase its use of cost-plus pricing when faced with technically complex projects. Instead, the company uses increased pre-execution design modification and price markups when technically complex projects are contracted with fixed-pricing. Further, I find that design modification is only margin-improving when used in projects that are both technically complex and fixed-price and that price markups are...

  4. Essays on Human Capital and Executive Compensation

    Lin, Eric
    The contemporary executive career looks different from the “company man” era of post World War II. At that time, executives rose almost exclusively within a single firm, learning the business over many loyal years of service. Since the 1970s, firms have progressively relied more on external markets for filling its leadership ranks. As a result, the value of executives has become increasingly defined by capabilities portable across organizational settings. External markets have less information about executive abilities compared to incumbent employers, which strengthens the influence of externally observable signals of quality on executive career opportunities and compensation. Across three studies,...

  5. Strategies for the Non-Market Environment

    Hugill, Andrea Read
    ABSTRACT 1: This paper examines whether mobile telecom operators with access to different kinds of knowledge pursue different strategies in politically risky markets. Using data from 2000-2010 I find that firms with country-specific knowledge, gained via presence in the local market, and general knowledge, gained through a long history of operations, were more likely to increase or maintain investment and operations even as political risk rose to the highest levels while peer firms drop both investment and operations. Firms with market-risk knowledge, gained through previous experience confronting political risk, drop investment similar to peer firms but increase operations to capitalize on their short-term competitive advantage. Therefore, country-risk knowledge and...

  6. Essays on Operations Management: Setting Employees Up for Success

    Gibson, Hise
    As a result of globalization, organizations expect more from their employees. While organizations have become leaner, the productivity requirements have not decreased. Further, there is greater importance being placed on the connection between human capital and operational outcomes. This research explores the impact of management decisions on teams of employees. It also examines how organizations use and develop their workforce. In three studies, my dissertation considers how an organization manages their human capital to gain optimal operational results: 1) by leveraging multiple-team membership practices while staying cognizant of the fragility that it induces, 2) by being more thoughtful in the...

  7. Essays on Strategy and Management of Platforms

    Doshi, Anil Rajnikant
    In this thesis, I research the management of platforms by participating organizations and study the ensuing performance of both participating organizations and the platform. In the first essay, titled ``The Impact of High Performance Outliers on Two-Sided Platforms: Evidence from Crowdfunding,'' I study how one kind of observable on platforms affects both the subsequent entry decision of organizations and the performance of the platform. I focus on the arrival of high performing sellers and study how these ``outliers'' affect the subsequent growth and liquidity of the platform. In the context of the two largest rewards-based crowdfunding platforms, I find that outliers...

  8. Platform and Ecosystem Transitions: Strategic and Organizational Implications

    Altman, Elizabeth J.
    By most conventional measures of corporate success (revenue, market capitalization, global brand growth, etc.) businesses operating as multi-sided platforms (MSPs) and their associated ecosystems constitute the majority of the fastest growing organizations in the global economy. In the strategy and economics fields there is a burgeoning literature related to MSP-governed businesses and their ecosystems primarily focused on pricing, growth, governance, and competitive considerations. Yet, in organizational studies and innovation there is a dearth of research analyzing characteristics of these businesses and their complementors and the managerial challenges they present. More specifically, an increasing number of mature incumbent organizations in a...

  9. Essays on the Social Consumer: Peer Influence in the Adoption and Engagement of Digital Goods

    Davin, Joseph
    In this dissertation, I study how consumers influence each other in the adoption and engagement of digital goods. In the first essay, I study peer influence in mobile game adoption. Although peer effects are expected to influence consumer decisions, they are difficult to identify in observational studies due selection bias: Friends share common characteristics and behave in similar ways even without peer effects. I use a novel approach to estimate unobserved characteristics which endogenously drive tie formation and use the estimates to control for selection, without need for instruments. This is the first paper to use latent space to reduce bias...

  10. Symbolic Consumption and Alternative Signals of Status

    Bellezza, Silvia
    My dissertation is composed of three papers on symbolic consumption–how consumers use products, brands, and time to express who they are and signal status. The first paper (Brand Tourists: How Non–Core Users Enhance the Brand Image by Eliciting Pride) demonstrates the positive impact of non-core users of a prestige brand perceived as “brand tourists” into the brand community. The second paper (The Red Sneakers Effect: Inferring Status and Competence from Signals of Nonconformity) investigates the conditions under which nonconforming behaviors, such as wearing red sneakers in a professional setting, can act as a particular form of conspicuous consumption and lead...

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