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  1. Design and operation of a silicon ring resonator for force sensing applications above 1 MHz

    Walter, B.; Faucher, M.; Algré, E.; Legrand, B.; Boisgard, Rodolphe; Aimé, Jean-Pierre; Buchaillot, L.
    We present an integrated force probe based on a silicon bulk-mode MEMS resonator. This device uses a silicon ring with symmetrical tips vibrating in the elliptic vibration mode. The tips enable us to make mechanical interactions with surfaces or external objects. Both excitation and detection of the resonator are integrated thanks to electrostatic actuation and capacitive detection. Apart from optical and electrical characterizations of the fabricated device, we report for the first time on the interaction between the resonator tip and a hydrodynamic force applied thanks to a water droplet. This demonstrates a first step toward high frequency atomic force...

  2. 100 nm period grating by high-index phase-mask immersion lithography

    Bourgin, Yannick; Jourlin, Yves; Parriaux, Olivier; Talneau, Anne; Tonchev, Svetlen; Veillas, Colette; Karvinen, P.; Passilly, Nicolas; Md Zain, Ahmad; De La Rue, R.M.; Van Erps, Jurgen; Troadec, David
    International audience

  3. Simultaneous existence of phononic and photonic band gaps in periodic crystal slabs

    Pennec, Y.; Djafari-Rouhani, B.; El Boudouti, E.H.; Li, C.; El Hassouani, Y.; Vasseur, J. O.; Papanikolaou, N.; Benchabane, Sarah; Laude, Vincent; Martinez, Alejandro
    International audience

  4. Dual phononic and photonic band gaps in a periodic array of pillars deposited on a thin plate

    El Hassouani, Y.; Li, C.; Pennec, Y.; El Boudouti, E.H.; Larabi, Hocine; Akjouj, A.; Bou Matar, O.; Laude, Vincent; Papanikolaou, N.; Martinez, Alejandro; Djafari-Rouhani, B.
    International audience

  5. Enhanced acousto-optic interactions in a one-dimensional phoxonic cavity

    Psarobas, I.; Papanikolaou, N.; Stefanou, N.; Djafari-Rouhani, B.; Bonello, Bernard; Laude, Vincent
    International audience

  6. Band gaps in phoXonic silicon crystal slab

    Pennec, Y.; El Boudouti, E.H.; Djafari-Rouhani, B.; Vasseur, Jérôme,; Bria, D.; El Hassouani, Y.; Li, C.; Benchabane, Sarah; Laude, Vincent; Papanikolaou, N.
    International audience

  7. Design of waveguides in silicon phoxonic crystal slabs

    Laude, Vincent; Beugnot, J. C.; Benchabane, Sarah; Pennec, Y.; Djafari-Rouhani, B.; Papanikolaou, N.; Martinez, Alejandro
    International audience

  8. Simultaneous guidance of slow photons and slow acoustic phonons in silicon phoxonic crystal slabs

    Laude, Vincent; Beugnot, Jean-Charles; Benchabane, Sarah; Pennec, Yan; Djafari-Rouhani, Bahram; Papanikolaou, Nikos; Escalante, Jose M.; Martinez, Alejandro
    International audience

  9. Phoxonic Crystals : A review

    Benchabane, Sarah; Sadat-Saleh, Said; Bernal, Maria-Pilar; Beugnot, Jean-Charles; Laude, Vincent; Pennec, Yan; Djafari-Rouhani, Bahram; Papanikolaou, Nikos; Martinez, Alejandro
    International audience

  10. Anisotropic Vapor HF etching of silicon dioxide for Si microstructure release

    Passi, Vikram; Sodervall, Ulf; Nilsson, Bengt; Petersson, Goran; Hagberg, Mats; Krzeminski, Christophe; Dubois, Emmanuel; Du Bois, Bert; Raskin, Jean-Pierre
    6 pages

  11. Understanding of the Retarded Oxidation Effects in Silicon Nanostructures

    Krzeminski, Christophe; Han, Xiang-Lei; Larrieu, Guilhem
    International audience

  12. Honeycomb Photonic Crystal Waveguides in a Suspended Silicon Slab

    Puerto, Daniel; Griol, A.; Escalante, J.M.; Pennec, Yan; Djafari-Rouhani, Bahram; Beugnot, J.C.; Laude, Vincent; Martínez, Alejandro
    International audience

  13. Experimental demonstration of waveguiding in honeycomb and square-lattice silicon photonic crystal membranes

    Puerto, Daniel; Griol, A.; Escalante, J.M.; Djafari-Rouhani, Bahram; Pennec, Yan; Laude, Vincent; Beugnot, J.C.; Martínez, Alejandro
    International audience

  14. Confinement of elastic and optical wave in silicon plate and strip waveguide

    El-Jallal, Said; Oudich, M.; Pennec, Yan; Djafari-Rouhani, Bahram; Laude, Vincent; Bonello, Bernard; Escalante, J.M.; Martínez, Alejandro
    International audience

  15. Phononic and photonic properties of a stubbed strip waveguide

    Pennec, Yan; Djafari-Rouhani, Bahram; Oudich, M.; El-Jallal, Said; Escalante, J.M.; Martínez, Alejandro; Laude, Vincent
    International audience

  16. Band gaps and cavity modes in dual phononic and photonic strip waveguides

    Pennec, Yan; Djafari-Rouhani, Bahram; Li, C.; Escalante, J.M.; Martínez, Alejandro; Benchabane, Sarah; Laude, Vincent; Papanikolaou, Nikos
    International audience

  17. Qualitative Evaluation of Detection and Tracking Performance

    Sankaranarayanan, Swaminathan; Bremond, Francois; Tax, David
    International audience

  18. A model of hydrological and mechanical feedbacks of preferential fissure flow in a slow-moving landslide

    Krzeminska, D.M.; Bogaard, T.A; Malet, Jean-Philippe; Van Beek, L.P.H.
    International audience

  19. Time-resolved image analysis for turbulent flows Conference paper

    Kähler, Christian,; Cierpka, Christian; Scharnowski, Sven; Manhart, Michael; Sciacchitano, Andrea; Lynch, Kyle; Scarano, Fulvio; Wieneke, Bernhard; Willert, Christian; Jeon, Youn,; Chatellier, Ludovic; Augereau, Bertrand; Tremblais, Benoit; David, Laurent
    International audience

  20. Measuring basal soil respiration across Europe: Do incubation temperature and incubation period matter?

    Creamer, Rachel; Schulte, R. P. O.; Stone, D.; Gal, A.; Krogh, Paul Henning; Lo Papa, Giuseppe; Murray, P. J.; Pérès, Guénola; Foerster, B.; Rutgers, Michiel; Sousa, José Paulo; Winding, Anne
    International audience

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