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  1. A qualitative and quantitative study of coronary artery MRA.

    Velut, Jerome; Lentz, Pierre-Axel; Philipot, Clement; Garcia, Marie-Paule; Toumoulin, Christine
    International audience

  2. Comparison of buccal and blood-derived canine DNA, either native or whole genome amplified, for array-based genome-wide association studies.

    Rincon, Gonzalo; Tengvall, Katarina; Belanger, Janelle,; Lagoutte, Laetitia; Medrano, Juan,; André, Catherine; Thomas, Anne; Lawley, Cynthia Taylor; Hansen, Mark,; Lindblad-Toh, Kerstin; Oberbauer, Anita,
    International audience

  3. Ball-milling in vacuum of α and σ phases of near-equiatomic FeCr alloys

    Costa, Maria Benilde Faria De Oliveira E; Le Caër, Gérard; Loureiro, João Carlos De Matos
    International audience

  4. Forecasting electricity consumption by aggregating specialized experts

    Devaine, Marie; Gaillard, Pierre; Goude, Yannig; Stoltz, Gilles
    33 pages

  5. Facial Landmarks Localization Estimation by Cascaded Boosted Regression

    Chevallier, Louis; Vigouroux, Jean-Ronan; Goguey, Alix; Ozerov, Alexey
    International audience

  6. RESORCE (Reference database for seismic ground motion in Europe)

    Traversa, Paola; Akkar, Sinan; Ameri, Gabriele; Cotton, Fabrice; Douglas, John; Frobert, Laurent; Godey, Stéphanie; HERNANDEZ, Bruno; Luzi, Lucia; Sandikkaya, M. Abdullah
    With the aim of improving seismic ground-motion models in Europe and reducing associated uncertainties, the compilation of a high-quality database of seismic-motion recordings and associated metadata is of primary importance. SIGMA research and development project, devoted to the improvement of seismic hazard estimates, methods and data for France and nearby regions, has been funding the implementation of RESORCE (Reference databaSe fOR seismiC ground-motion in Europe, Akkar et al., 2014).

  7. The first complete chloroplast genome of the Genistoid legume Lupinus luteus: evidence for a novel major lineage-specific rearrangement and new insights regarding plastome evolution in the legume family

    Martin, Guillaume E.; Rousseau-Gueutin, Mathieu; Cordonnier, Solenn; Lima, Oscar; Michon-Coudouel, Sophie; Naquin, Delphine; Ferreira De Carvalho, Julie; Aïnouche, Malika L.; Salmon, Armel; Aïnouche, Abdelkader
    support from the 'Plate-forme Génomique Environnementale et Fonctionnelle' (OSUR: INEE-CNRS) and the Genouest Bioinformatic Plateform (University of Rennes 1)

  8. Non-linear MHD simulations of sawteeth and their control by current and power depositions

    Février, Olivier; Nicolas, T.; Maget, P.; Ahn, J-H.; Garbet, X.; Lütjens, H.
    Sawteeth in tokamak plasmas correspond to periodic relaxations of the temperature and density in the central region of the plasma, caused by the internal kink mode. They are a key player in core confinement and impurity transport in the central region of a tokamak discharge, and can trigger secondary instabilities. Being able to control their dynamics is therefore important. In this article, we explore by means of MHD simulations the control of sawteeth, relying on Electron Cyclotron Resonant Heating (ECRH) or Electron Cyclotron Current Drive (ECCD) deposition in the vicinity of the $q = 1$ surface. To do so, simulations...

  9. Molecular mechanisms of yeast cell wall glucan remodeling

    Hurtado-Guerrero, Ramon; Schüttelkopf, Alexander W; Mouyna, Isabelle; Ibrahim, Adel F.M.; Shepherd, Sharon; Fontaine, Thierry; Latgé, Jean-Paul; Van Aalten, Daan M F
    International audience

  10. Distinct but complementary contributions of PPAR isotypes to energy homeostasis

    Dubois, Vanessa; Eeckhoute, Jérôme; Lefebvre, Philippe; Staels, Bart
    International audience

  11. A technology delivery system for characterizing the supply side of technology emergence: Illustrated for Big Data & Analytics

    Huang, Ying; Porter, Alan,; Cunningham, Scott,; Robinson, Douglas K.R.; Liu, Jianhua; Zhu, Donghua
    International audience

  12. Convergence of a Degenerate Microscopic Dynamics of the Porous Medium Equation

    Blondel, Oriane; Cancès, Clément; Sasada, Makiko; Simon, Marielle
    We derive the porous medium equation from an interacting particle system which belongs to the family of exclusion processes, with nearest neighbor exchanges. The particles follow a degenerate dynamics, in the sense that the jump rates can vanish for certain configurations, and there exist blocked configurations that cannot evolve. In [7] it was proved that the macroscopic density profile in the hydrodynamic limit is governed by the porous medium equation (PME), for initial densities uniformly bounded away from 0 and 1. In this paper we consider the more general case where the density can take those extreme values. In this...

  13. Stochastic homogenization of a scalar viscoelastic model exhibiting stress-strain hysteresis

    Hudson, Thomas,; Legoll, Frédéric; Lelièvre, Tony
    35 pages, 4 figures

  14. Views of Europe: National Civil Society Organisations for Binational Family Rights on the Road to Brussels

    International audience

  15. From Archaeomedes to Archaedyn

    NUNINGER, Laure; Tourneux, François-Pierre; Favory, François
    International audience

  16. L'altimétrie, productrice de données pour l'archéologie spatiale

    Favory, François; Fovet, Elise; NUNINGER, Laure; Raynaud, Claude; Tourneux, François-Pierre
    International audience

  17. A New Characterisation of Idempotent States on Finite and Compact Quantum Groups

    Franz, Uwe; Skalski, Adam
    9 pages

  18. Classification of Idempotent States on the compact quantum groups U_q(2), SU_q(2), and SO_q(3)

    Franz, Uwe; Skalski, Adam; Tomatsu, Reiji
    29 pages

  19. On idempotent states on quantum groups

    Franz, Uwe; Skalski, Adam
    28 pages

  20. On ergodic properties of convolution operators associated with compact quantum groups

    Franz, Uwe; Skalski, Adam
    10 pages, to appear in Colloquium Mathematicum. (v2 corrects the unwieldy text format)

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