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  1. “Neither mickling nor muckling" Northern Reflexivity in the Novels of the British “New Wave”

    Stephenson, John A.

  2. Bridling the Black Dragon: Chinese Soft Power in the Russian Far East

    Jensen, Andrew
    This paper considers the efforts of the Russian government to counter the growth of China’s soft power in the Russian Far East in the context of the dramatic rise in trade between the two nations in the 15 years of the “Putin Era,” from 2000 to 2015. The Amur (or “Black Dragon”) River watershed forms the core of the Russian Far East, Russia’s last territorial acquisition from the former Chinese empire and the key to Moscow’s efforts to connect with the burgeoning Asia-Pacific economies. This study investigates which federal- and provincial-level policies the Russian government has implemented to counter the...

  3. Supranational Union and New Medievalism: Forging a New Scottish State

    Kennedy, Lance
    This study aims to understand why the Scottish National Party (SNP) accelerated to prominence after the establishment of the Scottish Parliament in 1999. Specifically, this study seeks to answer the following question: To what extent does the European Union (EU) influence the Scottish independence movement and does this trend support the theory of New Medievalism? Data drawn from interviews with members of the 4th Scottish Parliament, comments made by former First Minister Alex Salmond, and scientific polling tend to show that the EU’s increasing institutional powers have facilitated the modern Scottish independence movement’s growth by mitigating the Scottish people’s fears...

  4. The Abenomics Difference: Three Arrows of Roosevelt Resolve in Japan

    Choi, Peter
    This study investigates Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s economic policy package, known as “Abenomics.” Abenomics is intended to end two decades of deflation in Japan, based on a Three Arrow approach (monetary policy, fiscal stimulus, and structural reform). This study examines how it is different from past policies and actions, its initial results, and the outlook concerning future results. In 1990, Japan’s asset bubble burst and the country became mired in two decades of deflation and low GDP growth. This study examines existing analysis and compare past policies to the present. It concludes that although the First Arrow (monetary policy) and...

  5. Two Caspian Sea Resource Rich Countries Encounter the East-West Rift: A Comparative Analysis of the Foreign Policy Objectives of Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan in a Turbulent Region

    Batten, Thomas
    This study examines the foreign policy decisions of Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan in the complex international relations environment of the Caspian Sea region. Specifically, this investigation attempts to answer how regional and global international relations are affected due to the decisions made by these two small energy-rich Caspian Sea countries straddling the saltwater basin. Additionally, Russia has demonstrated that it considers the Russian near abroad to be under its sphere of influence and the future plans that Moscow may have for the region are uncertain. China, the West, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Iran, India, Israel, and Georgia all play a role too, and...

  6. An Empirical Examination of the Adjudication and Settlement of Patent Infringement Lawsuits in the United States Court of Federal Claims

    Ratnam, Lavanya
    This study examined and analyzed data on how often patent lawsuits settle or are adjudicated on the merits against the U.S. Government at the Court of Claims in comparison to lawsuits against non-governmental defendants in the Eastern District of Texas and the E.D. Virginia. The comparative analysis focused on three years of study at these courts and was based on the gathered data on how often plaintiffs received a favorable outcome; how often parties settled; how often plaintiffs received a verdict on the merits from a court; how often defendants won on summary judgment; how often defendants won at trial;...

  7. Is There an Effective US Legal Remedy for Original Owners of Art Looted During the Nazi Era in Europe?

    Hayhow, Van L.
    This research project attempts to answer the question of whether it is possible to design a system wherein the rights of current possessors and the rights of original owners or their descendants of art that may have been looted during the Nazi era in Germany can be fairly balanced to achieve results that would be both fair and economical to the parties involved. While it could be said that twenty years ago this issue was hardly noticed, and very few lawsuits or claims were made, in recent years a large number of lawsuits have been filed against museums and private...

  8. Challenging the Status Quo: A Review on Second-Generation Latinos Joining American Mainstream

    Biechler, Laura Ann
    This study examines second-generation Latinos born in the U.S. after 1965 and their prospects of achieving traditional assimilation in the United States. Some social scientists argue that “classic” straight-line assimilation is a less likely path for Latino-Americans and that segmented or downward assimilation theory will characterize the trajectories of Latino-American youth in the 21st century. Other scholars argue that the path of “classic” straight-assimilation is still an empirically sound theory and that evidence suggests assimilation is taking place over time. Data collected on economic, social, cultural, and civic participation patterns among Hispanics identify key strides that are being accomplished among...

  9. A Comparative Meta-Life Cycle Inventory Analysis: Energy and Water Consumption of 3D Printing Methods vs. Conventional Manufacturing in Clothing Production

    Li, Jujube
    In the past three decades, textile fiber production has grown more than twofold, reflecting an increasing demand for both fossil and natural resources (Turley et. al., 2009, p.9) resulting in the intensification of environmental impacts such as water scarcity, abiotic depletion, and toxic pollution. Although potentially disruptive technology such as three-dimensional printing (3DP) can eliminate entire supply chain components and potentially reduce energy and water in textile and apparel production, 3DP as an application for clothing production is still at its nascent stage of development––the world’s first 3D-printed garment being created only in 2010. As prevention is preferable to mitigation,...

  10. Probability of Going Public for Cleantech Startups Based on Fundraising Milestones

    Gorbolskaya, Uliana
    The path to the wide adoption and commercial success of cleantech technologies is hindered by large research and development costs, long testing times, and uncertainty over long-term viability. These risks have made it difficult for many cleantech startups to raise investment capital. Fortunately, the cleantech sector has gained a lot of traction over the past decade, with many companies entering public financial markets, the golden standard for a successful investment exit strategy. This thesis collects and examines empirical data on the private and public investment into the cleantech sector between 2000 and 2015. The data contains information on nearly 4,000...

  11. Post-Perforation Technology for Rehabilitating Vertical Methane Extraction Wells at Municipal Solid Waste Facilities

    Stamoulis, Stefan
    The capture of methane from waste disposal facilities can have a significant impact on the reduction of anthropogenic methane emissions. In the United States, more than six hundred facilities are capturing approximately 26.3 MMTCO2e methane annually (U.S. EPA, 2015). The importance of the capture is two-fold: reduction of greenhouse gases and the exploitation of a beneficial energy source. Yet methane capture efficiencies have been moderate due to many logistical issues. Few methods currently exist to rehabilitate marginally producing extraction wells at landfills. This study was designed to test whether post-perforation technology, invented in 2009, is effective in increasing the efficiency...

  12. A Spatial and Geophysical Exploration of Atlantic Eel Larval Distributions

    Perivier, Helen A.
    In the context of declining populations of freshwater eels in Europe and North America and inspired by observations of Japanese eel spawning near seamounts, this study explored a possible spatial relationship between spawning American and European eels (Anguilla rostrata and A. anguilla) and geophysical features in the Sargasso Sea. A spatial analysis of positive and null catch sampling data from 1863 to 2007 found observations of young eel larvae significantly clustered over magnetic anomalies with higher than average intensities. These larval clusters occurred above the southwest Bermuda Rise and in the vicinity of the Vema Gap, a constricted abyssal channel...

  13. Sustainability in the Apparel Industry: Improving How Companies Assess and Address Environmental Impacts Through a Revised Higg Index Facility Module

    Connolly, Clare B.
    This study was focused on analyzing the Facility Environmental Module (FEM) of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition’s (SAC) Higg Index. The research objectives were twofold: 1) to test whether the indicators featured in the FEM could accommodate the data requirements for calculating environmental impacts of apparel products, and 2) to identify if the FEM indicators could satisfy the data and information needs of other key stakeholder groups. The long track record of irresponsible social and environmental practices in the apparel industry began gaining more attention in the press toward the end of the 20th century. Since then, many companies have been prompted...

  14. Tracking Electricity Production Patterns for Residential Solar Electric Systems in Massachusetts

    Youngblood, Elizabeth A.
    The number of residential small-scale solar electric, or photovoltaic (PV) systems installed in Massachusetts has increased over the past five years. However, expanded deployment of residential solar PV may be hindered by lack of awareness of expected electricity generation of solar PV systems, and corresponding financial return. Policymakers are also interested in using limited state resources to support the installation of well-producing solar PV systems that will help meet state greenhouse gas reduction goals. Operational residential solar PV systems may provide a key to understanding electricity production that can inform prospective system owners and policymakers. This research utilizes monthly electricity production...

  15. Combating Social Loafing Performance Reductions in Virtual Groups With Increased Cohesion, Reduced Deindividuation, and Heightened Evaluation Potential Through Self-Disclosure.

    Hagen, Matthew Howard
    Over 100 years of research have shown that social loafing is a real and material psychological phenomenon that reduces performance among humans in groups. It is known that increasing evaluation potential, decreasing deindividuation, and cohesion all lead to reduced social loafing in physical environments. What has not yet been well researched is whether or not the findings associated with many of these variables also apply to virtualized working environments. In the present study, 200 individuals were recruited through Amazon Mechanical Turk (an online work community) and were split into experimental and control groups. While both sets of participants engaged in...

  16. Nonnative Prosody and the Intelligibility of Ambiguous Utterances

    Schoener, Robin S.
    This study examines nonnative prosody and intelligibility. Past research has suggested that prosody that is unfamiliar or inappropriate in some way can adversely affect the intelligibility of speech (e.g., Hahn, 2004; Tajima, Port & Dalby, 1997; Grover, Jamieson & Dobrovlosky, 1987; Field, 2005). In this study, the effect of overall prosody rather than the effects of particular prosodic features is analyzed. Fifteen native and 15 nonnative speakers were recorded reading identical sets of ambiguous sentences while viewing cartoon drawings. Cartoons viewed by 8 members of each speaker group portrayed one of the two possible interpretations (“Version A”) for each sentence....

  17. An Analysis of the Potential Environmental Remediation and Economic Benefits Anaerobic Digesters Offer to the Dairy and Swine Industries: A Comparison of China and the U.S.

    Vaterlaus-Staby, Claire F.
    The purpose of this research is to investigate the environmental remediation and energy potential of anaerobic digesters on pig and dairy farms and to demonstrate how incorporating those benefits into a cost-benefit analysis would make biodigester projects more financially feasible. By assigning dollar values to the emissions and water pollution avoided by this technology, I sought to update the traditional cost-benefit analyses (CBAs) to demonstrate that this technology is more widely applicable. The study took place In the Lake Champlain Drainage Basin, USA and the Lake Tai Drainage Basin, China. Dairy and pork production are high density endeavors and produce...

  18. Utilizing Marginalized Land for the Development of Symbiotic Waste-to-Energy Mini Grids in Remote Islands

    Georgoulias, Nikolaos
    Remote islands face increasingly pressing constraints in their efforts to satisfy their waste management, energy, and water needs in a sustainable manner. Their small scale and isolated context restrict the availability of natural resources and infrastructure commonly available in mainland regions, which facilitates an adverse dependency on imports and exclusive use of landfilling. This thesis aims to investigate systemic solutions to the waste management, energy and water problems encountered by insulated communities. Analysis evaluates the benefits and costs of a novel network based on a waste-to-energy facility against the business-as-usual methods in the region of the Northern Aegean Sea in...

  19. How the House of Morgan Cooperated to Develop the Large-Cap US Multinational Corporation, 1895-1913

    Sawe, Joseph
    The following investigation is intended to determine how the large-cap US multinational corporation was further advanced during the pivotal years of 1895-1913 by a leading private unincorporated institution—House of Morgan. Historical review and assessment focused on the broader US society, government, monetary landscape, the House of Morgan, leading large cap US multinationals; looking at both the key organizations and underlying people in power. The report framework focuses upon the development of the US super structure within which all major companies work down to the way actual institutions organize economic assets in the form of a multinational corporation. Questions that have...

  20. Transformation and Recovery: Spiritual Implications of the Alcoholics Anonymous Twelve-Step Program

    Werner, Gretchen
    The purpose of this study was to examine spiritual implications and program involvement among Alcoholics Anonymous members (N = 116). Subjects completed self-report measures such as the Daily Spiritual Experience scale (DSE), Alcoholics Anonymous Involvement Inventory (AAI), and a modified version of the Purpose in Life (PIL) measure. Based on previous research, Hypothesis 1 predicted that greater involvement in the program would correlate to length of sobriety. Significance was found between steps completed and months sober (r =.32, p<.01, 2-tailed). Hypothesis 2 suggests that higher levels of spirituality would be correlated with longer sobriety rates. However, there was no significant...

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