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  1. The effect of length of rest period and length of harvest period on yield and survival of forage crops

    Davis, R. R.; Parsons, J. L.

  2. Adjusting the commercial family farm to part-time operation: Eastern corn belt area

    Wayt, William A.

  3. Adjusting the commercial family farm to part-time operation in Southeastern Ohio

    Wayt, William A.; Dix, Thomas J.

  4. Relationship between extractive and durability of six species of wood

    Murphey, Wayne K.

  5. Subsoil tillage on fragipan soils in Ohio

    Van Doren, D. M., Jr.; Haynes, J. L.

  6. Muck vegetable growers: diffusion of innovations among specialized farmers

    Rogers, Everett M.; Burdge, Rabel J.

  7. The Neotoma ecological and bioclimatic research program as of 1961

    Gilbert, Gareth E.

  8. Truck shipments of Ohio grain

    Sharp, John W.; Amos, John

  9. Utilization of field-chopped, dehydrated, pelleted alfalfa by milking cows

    Conrad, H. Russell; Hibbs, J. W.

  10. Artificial insemination of swine

    Hess, E. A.; Ludwig, T. M.; Teague, H. S.

  11. Wettable powder versus tank-mix dithiocarbamates on potatoes and tomatoes in Ohio

    Wilson, J. D.

  12. Policies and standards in rural zoning

    Moore, H. R.; Wayt, William A.

  13. The manufacture of apple sirup

    Baldauf, Milton P.

  14. The Effect of feeder and floor space upon growing turkeys in confinement

    Wyne, J. W.; McCarthey, M. G.; Carter, R. D.; Chamberlin, V. D.

  15. Durability of three species of wood after treatment

    Murphey, Wayne K.

  16. Mow hay driers: their use, investment cost and operating expense

    Waker, J. A.; Shaudys, Edgar T.

  17. Methods of feeding beef calves

    Klosterman, Earle W.; Moxon, A. L.; Kunkle, L. E.

  18. Egg marketing costs influenced by size of farm shipments

    Rollins, F. D.; Clayton, P. C.; Cray, Raymond E.

  19. Some factors influencing cold soaking of fence posts

    Murphey, Wayne K.

  20. Retailing of Christmas trees in three selected Ohio markets

    Mitchell, Glen H.; Quigley, Kenneth L.

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