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  1. Simulación numérica con RiverFlow2D de posibles soluciones de mitigación de avenidas en el tramo medio del río Ebro

    Echeverribar, I.; Morales-Hernández, M.; Lacasta, A.; Brufrau, P.; García-Navarro, P.
    [EN] A study of measures oriented to flood mitigation in the mid reach of the Ebro river is presented: elimination of vegetation in the riverbed, use of controlled flooding areas and construction or re-adaptation of levees. The software used is RiverFlow2D which solves the conservative free-surface flow equations with a finite volume method running on GPU. The results are compared with measurements at gauge stations and aerial views. The most effective measure has turned out to be the elimination of vegetation in the riverbed. It is demonstrated that not only the maximum flooded area is narrower but also it reduces...

  2. Métodos geoestadísticos para la elaboración de mapas de probabilidad de riesgo hidrogeotóxico (HGT) por altas concentraciones de As en las aguas subterráneas. Aplicación a la distribución de HGT en la provincia de Ávila (España)

    Guardiola-Albert, C.; Pardo-Igúzquiza, E.; Giménez-Forcada, E.
    [EN] The presence of As in groundwater is a priority public health issue because it imposes serious restrictions on drinking water. Mapping probabilities of exceedance of the threshold permitted by the World Health Organization, WHO (10 μg/L) allow delimiting the most vulnerable areas. The existing geostatistical techniques are a common tool for the evaluation of these maps, though, there is no agreement on which of the methods is the best. In this study different comparison criteria are illustrated. Seven non-parametric kriging methods are used to estimate the map of probability of exceeding the As concentration the limit of 10 mg/L...

  3. Estudio de viabilidad de la transformación parcial de una central de turbinado simple en reversible: el caso de la central hidráulica de La Barca (Asturias, España)

    Antuña Yudego, E.; Álvarez Álvarez, E.
    [EN] Renewable energy sources have reported an unprecedented increase of global installed renewable power capacity. Against the advantages provided by this renewable power generation technology it should be taken into account an important issue: these intermittent energy sources supply a fluctuating output which is difficult to manage. Pumped-storage hydro power plants reappear in these circumstances as an efficient form of energy storage which allows to use reserves when necessary, enabling power generation output to cover continuously this energy demand. The present paper shows a simplified feasibility study of the partial conversion of hydropower plant La Barca, in Asturias, into a...

  4. Cambio climático y planificación hidrológica: ¿es adecuado asumir un porcentaje único de reducción de aportaciones para toda la demarcación?

    Marcos García, Patricia; Pulido-Velazquez, M.
    [EN] The inclusion of climate change in water planning is not an easy task, due to its high uncertainty. In Spain, climate change effect on water resources is quantified through the application of an only reduction coefficient to the historical time series of inflows in every river basin district. This paper is intended to provide further insight into this topic, using the new climate change scenarios and three conceptual rainfall-runoff models to simulate future inflows for the Jucar river basin. Our results suggest that the headwaters basins are prone to suffer higher rainfall reductions and temperature increases than the Mediterranean...

  5. Simulación numérica de inundaciones en Villahermosa México usando el código IBER

    González-Aguirre, J.C.; Vázquez-Cendón, M.E.; Alavez-Ramírez, J.
    [EN] Floods are a problem that may occur in many parts of the world, but in certain places it happens more frequently, for example in Villahermosa, Mexico, which can be confirmed with the floods of 2000, 2007, 2009 and 2010. In this work the IBER code is used (freely available at to recreate the scenarios occurred in October 2007, and the numerical results are compared with data provided/collected by CONAGUA in the Hydrometeorological station Gaviotas. The scenarios of the 1st October, 30th October and 31st October were simulated. A steady state was obtained in the simulation of the 1st...

  6. Otimização multiobjetivo de sistema de abastecimento de água rural

    Silva, W.T.P.; Vieira, L.T.Q.; Rosa, D.M.S.; Campos, M.M.; Santos, A.A.; Souza, M.A.A.
    [EN] Lack of water in water supply systems forces people to take risk behaviors to health, which is very common in rural water supply systems (WSS-rural). The objective of this research was to develop and apply a multi-objective optimization model for WSS-rural in the county of Cuiabá, Mato Grosso State, Brazil. The research methodology consisted of: (1) formulation of the optimization model (OM); (2) application of OM; (3) analysis of results; and (4) computer implementation of OM. To solve the problem, it was proposed and used a load loss generator part. It was found that the problem of water shortage...

  7. La riada de Valencia de 1957: reconstrucción hidrológica y sedimentológica y análisis comparativo con la situación actual

    Puertes, C.; Francés, F.
    [EN] This work aims to improve the knowledge of the flood that took place in Valencia, Spain, in 1957. In other words, the aim is to test if it is possible to explain the flood waves with the incorporation of sediment cycle to a distributed hydrological model. Furthermore, this work aims to be aware of the current consequences of a similar event, taking into account land use changes, particularly, the urban rise in the lower basin, and the current flood defenses of the city. To do this, the hydrological model was implemented in the current basin situation. Once implemented, a...

  8. Balances de agua y calor en la marisma de Doñana

    Ramos-Fuertes, A.; Prats, J.; Dolz, J.
    [EN] This paper presents the main results of the study of water balance and surface heat balance in the Doñana marshlands. The study was based on a broad base of hydrometeorological data taken at 10 minute intervals from 2006 to 2011 by a network of six measuring stations located in areas of vegetation-free marsh. This information is used to characterize, at different time scales, the thermal behavior of the marsh by analyzing its hydrometeorology centering on the surface heat fluxes. Thus, we have modeled and analyzed the heat flux between the water and flooded soil and the processes of heat...

  9. Simulación numérica de inundación de valles fluviales mediante un modelo difusivo implícito

    Fernández-Pato, J.; García-Navarro, P.
    [EN] In this work, a diffusion wave overland flow model is presented for the efficient resolution of valley flood situations. The spatial discretization is done following an upwind finite volume scheme, applied in a non-structured triangular mesh. An implicit scheme is used for the temporal discretization, which involves the generation of a system of equations, one for each computational cell. The BiConjugate Gradient Stabilized (BiCGStab) method is used for the resolution of the system. The computational efficiency is measured by means of a CPU cost comparison between the explicit and implicit versions of the numerical scheme. In general, the diffusive...

  10. Modelación física y numérica de aliviaderos en laberinto con fondo poliédrico

    San Mauro, J.; Salazar, F.; Toledo, M. Á.; Caballero, F. J.; Ponce-Farfán, C.; Ramos, T.
    [EN] In order to comply with the new safety regulations a significant number of Spanish dam spillways must be upgraded. In this scenario and with the aim of increasing the discharge capacity with a reduced investment innovative designs become interesting solutions. One of these innovative designs are the labyrinth weirs. Project POLILAB is carrying out with the objective of optimize the design of labyrinth weirs, physical and numerical tests exposed in this article were developed within this framework. The most relevant results are related with the discharge capacity, the flow pattern and the structural reinforcement achieved by the implementation of...

  11. Comparación de modelos de interceptación de agua de lluvia en individuos aislados de Pinus pinea y Cistus ladanifer

    Pérez-Arellano, R.; Moreno-Pérez, M. F.; Roldán-Cañas, J.
    [EN] This paper presents a comparison of several simulation models of interception process commonly used in numerous studies, such as the classic versions of Rutter and Gash, also the version of Valente adapted by sparse forests. The aim is to analyze the applicability of different models in isolated especimens of two species of Mediterranean climate, Pinus pinea and Cistus ladanifer. The data collection was carried out in the watershed of “El Cabril” (Córdoba), from October 2010 to June 2015. The differences obtained between measurements and the results of the different models are less than 6%. Original version of Rutter model...

  12. Aproximación estocástica al análisis de observabilidad en redes de abastecimiento de agua

    Díaz, S.; Mínguez, R.; González, J.
    [EN] This work presents an alternative technique to the existing methods for observability analysis (OA) in water networks, which is a prior essential step for the implementation of state estimation (SE) techniques within such systems. The methodology presented here starts from a known hydraulic state and assumes random gaussian distributions for the uncertainty of some hydraulic variables, which is then propagated to the rest of the system. This process is repeated again to analyze the change in the network uncertainty when metering devices considered as error-free are included, based on which the network observability can be evaluated. The method’s potential...

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