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  1. Marco legislativo para la gestión de sedimentos en los Estados Unidos

    Garcia-Chevesich, P. A.; Jones, S. L.; Daniels, J. M.; Valdés-Pineda, R.; Venegas-Quiñones, H.; Pizarro, R.
    [EN] Sediment erosion is a serious issue, with approximately 75 billion tons of soil is eroded annually around the world (Pimentel and Kounang, 1998). Although erosion is a natural process, it can accelerate due to human activity and land use changes. Increasing soil erosion beyond its natural threshold can result in significant environmental degradation and decreased economic productivity. Implementing sediment management laws and practices is critical to significantly decrease soil erosion and preserve environmental resources. In the United States, there is a comprehensive system of laws and regulations at national, state, county, and city level that govern erosion and sediment...

  2. La influencia del Flashing y la Cavitación en la formación de “scallops” en cuevas kársticas. El caso de la Cueva de los Chorros (Albacete, España): Teoría del sifón inverso en el fenómeno del “Reventón”

    Pavía Alemany, F.; Rodríguez-Estrella, T.
    [EN] The influence of the negative pressures of Cavitation and Flashing phenomena in the formation of “scallops”, within karstic caves, is hereby studied. In this sense, the particular case of the Chorros Cave (Albacete, Spain) is analyzed, and the theory of the inverse siphon is proposed in order to explain the “Reventón” phenomenon.

  3. Evaluación de humedales artificiales de flujo libre superficial con macrófitas acuáticas flotantes

    Soler, C.; Crespi, R.; Soler, E.; Pugliese, M.
    [EN] The aim of this study was to evaluate the behavior of constructed wetlands with aquatic macrophytes in decreasing the concentration of pollutants from urban effluents. A pilot-scale system with two coverages of floating plants and two hydraulic residence times, working with continuous flow laminar was built. The lower concentration of chemical oxygen demand and biological oxygen demand, were obtained with the lower coverage and higher hydraulic residence times. With little influence of the variables on the concentration of total nitrogen and total suspended solids, being the significant response for total phosphorus with the lowest plant coverage. There was a...

  4. Análisis regional de frecuencia de avenidas en la vertiente cantábrica y noratlántica de España

    Montes, J.; Álvarez, M.; Pertierra, L.; Moralo, J.; Baztán, J.
    [EN] This paper presents a study of regional frequency analysis of peak flows in Cantabrian and North Atlantic basins of Spain, based on the index-flood procedure with estimated parameters by L-moments approach (Hosking and Wallis, 1997). Observed annual maximum flow series of 85 gauged catchment areas in natural regime with records from 15 to 72 years were analyzed. The discordancy and heterogeneity measures based on the L-moments suggest 9 statistical homogeneous regions in which the same frequency distribution function is shared except for a scale factor. The main contribution of the study is the distinction of the regions according to...

  5. Tendencias de la precipitación y su relación con el Índice Oceánico El Niño. El caso de la Región Mixteca, México

    Martínez-Austria, P. F.; Díaz-Jiménez, D.
    [EN] The occurrence of droughts is a permanent concern in arid and semi-arid zones, especially for socially vulnerable ones such as the Mixteca Region in Mexico, a condition that can be aggravated as climate change scenarios predicts. The general circulation models do not allow forecasting precipitation conditions at regional scales, so it is necessary to study local climate behavior and trends. Determining the relationship between local climate and large-scale phenomena, such as El Niño / La Niña events, is relevant to set up prevention measures. This article analyzes the precipitation trends in the Mixteca Region of Mexico, determines the presence...

  6. Plan de seguridad del agua en los Campos de Refugiados Saharauis en Tindouf (Argelia)

    García, R.; Blanco, R.; Anta, J.; Naves, A.; Molinero, J.
    [EN] Since 1975, about 165,000 people from Western Sahara are living as refugees in the Sahara Desert near Tindouf (Algeria). Available water resources come from deep boreholes located up to tens of kilometers away from the settlements of the population, bulk water is treated in reverse osmosis plants and by chlorination systems and, after, distributed through a network of taps and water tankers. Water supply system complexity and extreme conditions force the elaboration of a Water Safety Plan, aiming to guarantee appropriate provision and quality of water. The plan follows a risk assessment methodology and establishes control mechanisms to minimize...

  7. Estimación de las curvas características de operación de sistemas de impulsión operando como turbinas a partir de su curva motriz trabajando como bomba

    Romero-Marrero, L.; Pérez-Sánchez, M.; López-Jiménez, P. A.
    [EN] The current research presents a methodology to select pump working as turbines (PAT) in recovery system in water distribution networks using their pump characteristic curve. The methodology is based on the review of the empirical methods that are currently proposed and enables the empiric estimation the operating point of the energy converter. The methodology determines the analysis of the operation point (flow, recovered head and efficiency) both constant and variable flows over time. When the flow changes, the methodology uses experiments curves that are based on characteristic parameters (discharge and head number). This proposal was applied on case study...

  8. Análisis implícito del flujo transitorio de agua con aire disuelto

    Twyman, J.
    [EN] The implicit finite-difference method (IFDM) for solving a system that transports water with dissolved air using a fixed (or variable) rectangular space-time mesh defined by the specified time step method is applied. The air content in the fluid modifies both the wave speed and the Courant number, which makes it inconvenient to apply the traditional Method of Characteristics (MOC) and other explicit schemes due to their impossibility to simulate the changes in magnitude, shape and frequency of the pressures train. The conclusion is that the IFDM delivers an accurate and stable solution, with a good adjustment level with respect...

  9. Metodología para la evaluación de daños a vehículos expuestos a inundaciones en zonas urbanas

    Martínez Gomariz, E.; Gómez, M.; Russo, B.; Sánchez, P.; Montes, J.A.
    [EN] Urban floods may provoke important damages to vehicles, usually not taken into account within most studies related to urban flood risks damage assessments. Herein a methodology to estimate damages to vehicles exposed to urban floods is presented. After a state-of-the-art review, the most recent damage curves for vehicles developed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE, 2009) are presented as the best adaptive and the most comprehensively performed so far. The proposed methodology is applied to the Spanish municipality of Badalona, framed in the H2020 European Project BINGO. In order to conduct this methodology some aspects such as...

  10. Determinación de la inundación en tramos de ríos afectados por marea basada en la simulación continua de nivel

    Sopelana, J.; Cea, L.; Ruano, S.
    [EN] The hydrodynamics of coastal river reaches is complex due to the interaction of several sources of flooding as the astronomical tide, surge, wave set-up and river discharge. The tidal level might affect several km of river reach. In those reaches, the same inundation water level can result from different combinations of the sea level ad river discharge. At the present time, most flood inundation studies in tidal river reaches are based in the application of an arbitrary sea level at the downstream river boundary, without considering the interaction and possible correlations between sea level and river discharge. In Spain,...

  11. Análisis integral del impacto del Cambio Climático en los regímenes de agua, crecidas y sedimentos de una rambla mediterránea

    Montalvo, C.; Francés, F.
    [EN] Climate Change and its effects on the Hydrological Cycle is a very important issue for the entire planet, insofar as estimating its effects plays a preventive role. This is also especially critical in basins of the Spanish Mediterranean arc, since at present they already present a high water stress and strong antropic alterations of their regime. The case study is La Rambla de la Viuda, and within it are the reservoirs of Mª. Cristina and Alcora, the first of them with problems of siltation and probable under-sizing of its spillway, which are the main reason to try to understand...

  12. Las lluvias torrenciales e inundaciones de los días 17 y 18 de diciembre de 2016 en la Región de Murcia con particular incidencia en el área vertiente del Mar Menor

    Espín Sánchez, D.; García Lorenzo, R.; Ruiz Álvarez, V.; Conesa García, C.
    [EN] The heavy rains on December 17-18, 2016 were one of the most significant events that have occurred in southeastern Spain over the last two decades. In the present study the incidence of these rains in the Region of Murcia, and especially in the Mar Menor watershed, is analyzed, with particular focus on the flooded areas. The synoptic situation and the atmospheric dynamics were studied through monitoring of different METEOSAT´s satellite bands, images from weather radars and data from atmospheric soundings. A map showing the accumulated rainfall during the event and another one concerning the pluviometric anomaly of December 2016...

  13. Tendencias en el diseño, construcción y operación de techos verdes para el mejoramiento de la calidad del agua lluvia. Estado del arte.

    Morales Mojica, Jair Andrés; Cristancho Santos, Maira Alejandra; Baquero Rodríguez, Gustavo Andrés
    [EN] The green roofs appear as technology for the improvement water quality. This article identifies trends in the conditions of design, construction and operation of green roofs, which aim is to improve the quality of rainwater. A literature review was carried out in order to collect 45 original research papers from databases as Scopus, Science Direct, and Redalyc. From the information collected trends in increments and reductions in the concentrations of the main water quality parameters, seasons of the year with the best results, types of green roofs , types of substrate and most common components, construction trends (dimensions, inclination,...

  14. Huella energética del agua en función de los patrones de consumo en redes de distribución

    Pérez-Sánchez, Modesto; Sánchez-Romero, Francisco-Javier; López-Jiménez, P. Amparo
    [EN] The energy audits are tools which allow to analyse the state of the water distribution network where the energy consumption depends on annual flow pattern (RQ). The present research develops a methodology to compare the energy footprint of water (EWF) through an energy balance with different RQs. The aim is to determine the energy behaviour of a network based on RQ value. The study analyses four networks (two drinking and two irrigation networks), showing a lower total energy consumption (5.22, 3.21, and 4.01%) and a lower friction energy (28.57, 21.42, and 25%) those networks with RQ less variable when...

  15. Evaluación del método activo para determinar contenidos de humedad en suelos

    Serna Farfan, José Luis; Muñoz, José Francisco; Suárez, Francisco
    [EN] In recent years, fiber-optic distributed temperature sensing (FO-DTS) methods have been successfully used to investigate a wide range of hydrological applications. In particular, two methods have been developed to monitor the soil water content (θ) with the FO-DTS technology: the passive and the active methods. This work presents an assessment of the active method to determine the θ of a sandy soil. In this method, fiber-optic cables with metallic armoring are used and a voltage difference is applied between the two ends of the cable to warm it during a specified time period. Then, an empirical relationship is used...

  16. Captación de agua de lluvia y niebla en la época de secas en la ciudad de Xalapa, Veracruz, México

    Parada Molina, Paulo César; Cervantes Pérez, Juan
    [EN] This paper evaluates the amount of rainwater and fog captured and its relation with average consumption at the dwelling level in the city of Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico, during the period from November 2012 to February 2013. Rainwater is quantified by means of rocker gauges installed on the roofs of houses and fog through an omnidirectional collector commonly known as a rope collector. It is observed that the amount of rainwater collected monthly can represent 20 to 35% of the average monthly consumption, demonstrating that the rainwater harvesting is an alternative supply to meet domestic needs in the dry season....

  17. Modelación de Crecidas Aluvionales en la Cuenca del Río Copiapó, Chile

    Valdés-Pineda, Rodrigo; Valdés, Juan B.; García-Chevesich, Pablo
    [EN] Extreme precipitation events that occurred between March 24 and March 26 of 2015 in the region of the Atacama Desert (26-29°S) left around 30 000 victims, being one of the biggest events over the past 50 years, with total a cost of reconstruction of about 1.5 billion dollars. The mudflows which increased during the flashflood inundated much of the city of Copiapó and Tierra Amarilla. This manuscript aims to model the mudflow of March 2015 in the Río Copiapó, specifically in the towns of Copiapó and Tierra Amarilla. The modeling process is performed using the Rapid Mass Movement Simulation Model (RAMMS) that allows modeling...

  18. Simulación numérica de inundaciones en Villahermosa México usando el código IBER

    González-Aguirre, J.C.; Vázquez-Cendón, M.E.; Alavez-Ramírez, J.
    [EN] Floods are a problem that may occur in many parts of the world, but in certain places it happens more frequently, for example in Villahermosa, Mexico, which can be confirmed with the floods of 2000, 2007, 2009 and 2010. In this work the IBER code is used (freely available at to recreate the scenarios occurred in October 2007, and the numerical results are compared with data provided/collected by CONAGUA in the Hydrometeorological station Gaviotas. The scenarios of the 1st October, 30th October and 31st October were simulated. A steady state was obtained in the simulation of the 1st...

  19. Simulación numérica de inundaciones en Villahermosa México usando el código IBER

    González-Aguirre, J.C.; Vázquez-Cendón, M.E.; Alavez-Ramírez, J.
    [EN] Floods are a problem that may occur in many parts of the world, but in certain places it happens more frequently, for example in Villahermosa, Mexico, which can be confirmed with the floods of 2000, 2007, 2009 and 2010. In this work the IBER code is used (freely available at to recreate the scenarios occurred in October 2007, and the numerical results are compared with data provided/collected by CONAGUA in the Hydrometeorological station Gaviotas. The scenarios of the 1st October, 30th October and 31st October were simulated. A steady state was obtained in the simulation of the 1st...

  20. Balances de agua y calor en la marisma de Doñana

    Ramos-Fuertes, A.; Prats, J.; Dolz, J.
    [EN] This paper presents the main results of the study of water balance and surface heat balance in the Doñana marshlands. The study was based on a broad base of hydrometeorological data taken at 10 minute intervals from 2006 to 2011 by a network of six measuring stations located in areas of vegetation-free marsh. This information is used to characterize, at different time scales, the thermal behavior of the marsh by analyzing its hydrometeorology centering on the surface heat fluxes. Thus, we have modeled and analyzed the heat flux between the water and flooded soil and the processes of heat...

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