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Ohio State Law Journal: Volume 69, Issue 4 (2008)

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  1. Masthead (Volume 69, Number 4, 2008)

  2. Five Takes on the District of Columbia v. Heller

    Reynolds, Glenn H.; Denning, Brannon P.

  3. The Economic Value of Conserved Land: Examining Whether Conservation Easements Represent a Sufficient Source of Land Value to Influence the Outcome of Regulatory Takings Claims

    Means, William C., Jr.

  4. Protecting Their Own?: Pro-American Bias and the Issuance of Anti-Suit Injunctions

    Heim, Laura Eddleman

  5. Death to Tyrants: District of Columbia v. Heller and the Uses of Guns

    Williams, David C.

  6. Originalism on Trial: The Use and Abuse of History in District of Columbia v. Heller

    Cornell, Saul

  7. Foreword: Some Early Views on District of Columbia v. Heller

    Spindelman, Marc

  8. Table of Contents (Volume 69, Number 4, 2008)

  9. Heller and the New Originalism

    Tushnet, Mark

  10. Rashomon and the Roberts Court

    Gerken, Heather K.

  11. Race, Redistricting, and Representation

    Charles, Guy-Uriel E.

  12. Reviving the Right to Vote

    Katz, Ellen D.

  13. The Decline of Legally Mandated Minority Representation

    Pildes, Richard H.

  14. Protected from Politics: Diminishing Margins of Electoral Competition in U.S. Congressional Elections

    Nagler, Jonathan; Issacharoff, Samuel

  15. When Courts Won't Make Law: Partisan Gerrymandering and a Structural Approach to the Law of Democracy

    Kang, Michael S.

  16. Leave It to the Lower Courts: On Judicial Intervention in Election Administration

    Tokaji, Daniel P.

  17. Foley on the Future of Bush v. Gore

    Fortier, John

  18. Refining the Bush v. Gore Taxonomy

    Foley, Edward B.

  19. The Meaning of Bush v. Gore

    Lowenstein, Daniel H.

  20. Table of Contents (Volume 68, Number 4, 2007)

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