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Ohio State Law Journal: Volume 69, Issue 5 (2008)

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  1. Masthead (Volume 69, Number 5, 2008)

  2. Educating at the Crossroads: Parents Involved, No Child Left Behind and School Choice

    Holley-Walker, Danielle

  3. Reflections on The Shame of the Nation: The Restoration of Apartheid Schools in America

    Goins, Marla

  4. The Impact of the Supreme Court's Decision in Parents Involved on California's Anti-Affirmative Action Law and California's Constitutional Mandate to Reduce De Facto Segregation

    Blanco, Maria

  5. The Post-Parents Involved Challenge: Confronting Extralegal Obstacles to Integration

    Le, Chinh Q.; Frankenberg, Erica

  6. The Price of Fame: Brown as Celebrity

    Graber, Mark A.

  7. What Would Justice Holmes Do (WWJHD)?: Rehnquist's Plessy Memo, Majoritarianism, and Parents Involved

    Snyder, Brad

  8. Desegregation, Discrimination and Democracy: Parents Involved's Disregard for Process

    Tokaji, Daniel P.

  9. Not Hearing History: A Critique of Chief Justice Roberts's Reinterpretation of Brown

    Goldstein, Joel K.

  10. Foreword

    Griffiths, Dylan

  11. Table of Contents (Volume 69, Number 5, 2008)

  12. Table of Contents (Volume 68, Number 5, 2007)

  13. The Incompatibility of Free Speech and Funerals: A Grayned- Based Approach for Funeral Protest Statutes

    McCarthy, Robert F.

  14. The Categorical Imperative: Romer as the Groundwork for Challenging State "Defense of Marriage" Amendments

    Butland, Brodie M.

  15. Teaching Law: Thoughts on Retirement

    Whaley, Douglas J.

  16. Retributive Justice and Hidden Sentencing

    Appleman, Laura I.

  17. The Founders' Hermeneutic: The Real Original Understanding of Original Intent

    Natelson, Robert G.

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