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Ohio State Law Journal: Volume 1, Issue 3 (1935)

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  1. Digests of Leading Law Review Articles

  2. Index (Volume 1, 1935)

  3. Title Page (Volume 1, 1935)

  4. Bar Association News

  5. Federal Practice -- Power of Chancery Receiver to Maintain Action in Foreign Jurisdiction -- Venue -- Equity

    Angel, Harry R.

  6. Workman's Compensation -- Legal Trauma -- Recovery for Injuries Not Compensable Under the Act -- Occupational Disease

    Thomas, R. Harold

  7. Breach of Covenant to Repair -- Landlord's Tort Liability to Invitee of Tenant

    Freedman, Joseph

  8. Admissibility of Former Testimony Where Witness Unavailable -- Necessity of Privity of Parties -- Further Trial of Case

    Barone, John J.

  9. Widow's Right of Dower in Perpetual Leasehold Estimate -- Merger of Legal and Equitable Interests in Same Person

    Bullock, Carl R.

  10. Justice of the Peace -- Jurisdiction in Misdemeanor Cases -- Plea of Guilty -- Complaint by Person Other Than Party Injured

    Teple, Edwin R.

  11. Power of Court of Appeals to Grant Reversal on Weight of Evidence -- Jurisdiction

    Wenger, Vernon W.

  12. Legal Authority to Propose Construction or Acquisition of Municipal Utilities by Initiative Petition -- Applicability of Sec 10216, General Code -- Equity -- Form of Injunction

    Tritschler, James R.

  13. Bulk Sales Act -- Chattel Mortgage Act -- Lien and Title -- Fraud

    Young, Maurice A.

  14. Fraudulent Transfer by Insolvent Debtor -- Rights Of Creditors To Sue After Adjudication of Bankruptcy and Appointment of a Trustee

    Goldman, Harry A.

  15. Negligence -- Doctrine of Assured Clear Distance Ahead -- Statute as Subjective Test

    Postlewaite, D. M.

  16. Motion to Certify -- Effect of Overruling Motion -- Stare Decisis

    Johnson, Carl R.

  17. Scope of Employment -- Principle's Liability for Negligence of Commission Salesman

    Kern, Noah J.

  18. Respondeat Superior -- Tort Liability of Principal for Negligence of Agent Hired for Single Undertaking

    Richmond, Warren

  19. Liability of Agent on Signature Made in Behalf of Corporation -- Negotiable Instruments

    Hicks, Arch. R., Jr.

  20. Injuries to Wife as Result of Husband's Negligence -- Liability of Husband's Employer -- Scope of Employment

    Gordon, Walter Lear, Jr.

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