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Ohio State Law Journal: Volume 2, Issue 1 (1935)

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  1. Digests of Leading Law Review Articles

  2. Masthead and Editorial (Volume 2, Number 1, 1935)

  3. Power of Testator to Designate an Attorney

    Wenger, Vernon W.

  4. Interpretation of an Imperfect Gift as a Self Declaration of Trust

    Treitelman, Seymour A.

  5. Incorporation of Amendable Trust Into a Will

    Herbert, Josiah T.

  6. Right of Set-Off Between Banker and Depositor

    Wolson, Bernard W.

  7. Appointment When Corporation Consents -- Collateral Attack

    Teple, Edwin R.

  8. Bailments -- Status of Owner of Automobile Parking Lot -- Liability for Theft

    Hicks, Arch. R., Jr.

  9. Power of Council of Non-Charter City to Amend or Repeal Initiated Ordinances

    Tritschler, James R.

  10. Owner's Liability to Employee of Independent Contractor -- Electricity Cases -- Where Work Is Inherently Dangerous

    Folkerth, Justin H.

  11. Granted Because of Unreasonable Delay in Payment to Creditor of Decedent

    Topolosky, Sam

  12. Modification of Divorce Decree Based on Agreement -- Provision for Alimony and Support of Child

    Goldman, Harry A.

  13. Grounds for Divorce -- Desertion as Gross Neglect of Duty -- Epileptic Spouse

    Thomas, R. Harold

  14. Infants' Contracts -- Liability of Infant for Damages Caused by Breach of Contract to Lease

    Kern, Noah J.

  15. Validity of Statute Allowing Modification of Criminal Verdict by Appellate Court

    Gosline, Robert B.

  16. Personal Representative as a Party to Foreclosure Suit Against Real Property of an Estate

    Young, Maurice A.

  17. Bar Association News

  18. Criminal Law in Action. John Barker Waite. Houlston House, Sears Pub. Co., N. Y. 1934.

    Hughes, Paul W.
    Review of "Criminal Law in Action" by John Barker Waite

  19. Mr. Justice Cardozo. Joseph P. Pollard. York Press, N. Y. 1935.

    Hollingsworth, Donald J.
    Review of "Mr. Justice Cardozo" by Joseph P. Pollard

  20. Law and Order in Polynesia. H. Ian Hogbin. Harcourt, Brace and Co., N. Y. 1934.

    Kaufman, E. S.
    Review of "Law and Order in Polynesia" by H. Ian Hogbin

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