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Ohio State Law Journal: Volume 2, Issue 2 (1936)

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  1. Fulfillment

    Tepel, Edwin R.

  2. Violation of Statute as Negligence Per Se -- Proximate Cause

    Folkerth, Justin H.

  3. Violation of Motor Vehicle Laws by Motorcycle Policeman -- Negligence Per Se -- Express and Implied Exemption

    Brown, Harry L.

  4. Implied Food Warranties -- Necessity of Privity of Contract

    Goldman, Harry A.

  5. Right of Jury to Fix the Time of Death Where a Presumption Arises from Seven Years' Unexplained Absence -- Power of Probate Court to Appoint an Administrator in the Absence of Statute

    Teple, Edwin R.

  6. Set-Off as a Defense Under the N. I. L.

    Postlewaite, D. M.

  7. Limitations on Statutory Interpleader

    Topolosky, Sam

  8. Suit by Mortgagee, After Foreclosure, on a Policy With the Usual Mortgage Clause

    Parker, Eva Mae

  9. Misstatement of Agent in Application Without Knowledge of Insured

    Bullock, Carl R.

  10. Judicial Notice of a City Ordinance -- Status in Reviewing Court

    Young, Maurice A.

  11. Failure of Husband to Pay Alimony Provided for in Separation Agreement Incorporated in a Divorce Decree -- Contempt

    Goerlich, Lowell M.

  12. Power of Board of Education to Compel Salute to Flag -- Invasion of Religious Freedom

    Gosline, Robert B.

  13. Negligence -- Rights of Injured Passenger -- Doctrine of Res Ipsa Loquitur

    Stern, Joseph

  14. Bar Association News

  15. Precedent in English and Continental Law -- A. L. Goodhart. Stevens & Sons, Ltd., London, Eng., 1934

    Hollingsworth, Donald J.
    Review of "Precedent in English and Continental Law" by A. L. Goodhart

  16. Law and the Lawyers -- Edward S. Robinson. The Macmillan Company, New York City. 1935

    Hollingsworth, Donald J.
    Review of "Law and the Lawyers" by Edward S. Robinson

  17. Workmen's Compensation

    Hicks, Arch. R., Jr.
    Notes and Comments

  18. Validity of Participation Trusts -- Status of Purchases of Participating Certificates

    Treitelman, Seymour A.
    Notes and Comments- Trusts

  19. Rule Against Perpetuities -- Executor as Trustee to Maintain Graves -- Gift for Charitable Purpose

    Wolson, B. Bernard
    Notes and Comments- Trusts

  20. Aid from the Law Schools

    Teple, Edwin R.

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