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Ohio State Law Journal: Volume 3, Issue 2 (1937)

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  1. Publication and Republication in Ohio -- Probable Effect of Section 10504-3, General Code, on This Problem

    Brown, Harry L.

  2. Marshaling -- Right of Depositors to Compete With Individual Creditors in the Separate Estates of the Partners

    Postlewaite, D. M.

  3. Leases -- Defectively Executed Leases -- Effect in Equity

    Bush, Hobert H.

  4. Legal Aspects of the Sit-Down Strike

    Bailey, George

  5. Privilege -- Lawyer and Client -- Insurer and Insured -- Discovery

    Wolf, Philip J.

  6. Evidence of Knowledge of Defendant of defect Necessary to Take Case to Jury on Issue of Negligence

    Messer, Doris

  7. Admissibility of Prior Conviction, Arrests, and Confession to Impeach Credibility of a Witness

    Vandemark, R. W.

  8. Admissibility in Evidence of Blood Group Tests -- First Reported Case in Ohio

    Gramlich, Charles L.

  9. Jurisdiction of Equity to Relieve One Convicted of a Crime on Perjured Testimony Where Statute of Limitations Bars Legal Relief

    Herbruck, H. A.

  10. Bona Fide Purchaser Under Escrow Deed

    Tanner, John W.

  11. Liability of a Holding Company for Acts of Its Subsidiary

    Topolosky, Sam

  12. Relationship Between a Depositor and the Depository Bank; Right to a Preference on Insolvency

    Hicks, Arch. R., Jr.

  13. Bar Association News

  14. The Story of the Supreme Court -- Ernest Sutherland Bates. Bobbs Merrill. 1936. $3.00

    Folkerth, Justin H.
    Review of "The Story of the Supreme Court" by Ernest Sutherland Bates

  15. Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes -- His Book Notices and Uncollected Letters and Papers. Harry C. Shriver, Central Book Co., New York, N. Y.

    Freedman, Joseph
    Review of "Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes- His Book Notices and Uncollected Letters and Papers" by Harry C. Shriver

  16. Crime and Justice -- Sheldon Glueck. Little, Brown and Co., Boston

    Bullock, Carl R.
    Review of "Crime and Justice" by Sheldon Glueck

  17. The Ohio "Dead Man" Statute

    Bullock, Carl R.

  18. Restrictions on the Right of Trial by Jury

    Goerlich, Lowell M.

  19. Acceleration of Future Interests in Ohio

    Folkerth, Justin H.
    Senior Articles

  20. Right of a Mortgagee to Recover Damages from a Third Party for Injury to Mortgaged Property in Ohio

    Denton, Florence G.

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