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Ohio State Law Journal: Volume 3, Issue 1 (1936)

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  1. Masthead (Volume 3, Number 1, 1936)

  2. Testamentary Capacity -- Undue Influence

    Brown, Harry L.

  3. Implied Warranty of Food Sold in a Restaurant -- Sale or Service -- Joinder of Actions

    Vandemark, R. W.

  4. Right of Finder as Against Third Person

    Creme, William

  5. Liability of an Employer for the Negligence of an Independent Contractor

    Postlewaite, D. M.

  6. Liability of Insurance Company When Driver of Car Is Found Guilty of Wilful Misconduct

    Bailey, George

  7. Parole Release of an Equity of Redemption

    Lett, Robert W.

  8. Advisory Boards

    Goerlich, Lowell M.

  9. Applicability of the Ohio Statute of Frauds to an Oral Lease for Two Years

    Topolosky, Sam

  10. Real Property -- Leases -- Acknowledgment of Lease -- Attachment of Certificate of Acknowledgment

    Gramlich, Charles L.

  11. Waiver of Doctor-Patient Privilege by Widow of Patient

    Bullock, Carl R.

  12. Admissibility of Evidence Obtained by Illegal Search and Seizure

    Folkerth, Justin H.

  13. Right of an Assistant to Recover Damages for the Negligence of the Servant

    Blank, Helen

  14. Bar Association News

  15. The Symbols of Government. Thurman W. Arnold, Yale University Press, 1935.

    Folkerth, Justin H.
    Review of "The Symbols of Government" by Thurman W. Arnold

  16. Storm Over the Constitution. By Irving Brant, Bobbs-Merrill Co.

    Bullock, Carl R.
    Review of "Storm Over the Constitution" by Irving Brant

  17. Fifty-Five Men. Fred Rodell. The Telegraph Press, Harrisburg, Pa. 1936.

    Postlewaite, D. M.
    Review of "Fifty-Five Men" by Fred Rodell

  18. Brandeis -- The Personal History of an American Ideal. Alfred Lief, Stackpole Sons, N. Y. (1936). $3.00.

    Day, Jack G.
    Review of "Brandeis- The Personal History of an American Ideal" by Alfred Lief

  19. The Incident of Suvivorship in Ohio

    Martin, Arthur T.

  20. A Study in Administrative Law: The Conservancy Act of Ohio

    Wilkin, Robert

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