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Ohio State Law Journal: Volume 3, Issue 3 (1937)

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  1. Title Page (Volume 3, 1937)

  2. Index (Volume 3, 1937)

  3. Masthead (Volume 3, Number 3, 1937)

  4. Interference with Probable Expectancy of Receiving Property under a Will

    Ruzzo, Edward J.

  5. Responsibility for Consequences of Injury

    Loechler, Leon P.

  6. Election of Remedies -- Repudiation of Election Doctrine in Amendment of Pleadings -- Interpretation of Section 11363, Ohio General Code

    Gramlich, Charles L.

  7. The Concept of a Cause of Action -- Property Damage and Personal Injury from a Single Tort

    Zachman, Roland A.

  8. Duty of Driver of School Bus in Regard to Children Who Have Just Left the Car

    Brace, Jenny

  9. Transferee's Assumption of Mortgage Debt -- Acceptance by Mortgagee -- Rescission of Assumption

    Bush, Hobert H.

  10. Use of the Injunction to Prevent Breach of Contract

    Bailey, George E.

  11. The Status of the Strike For a Closed Shop

    Thomas, William K.

  12. The Guest Status in Automobile Cases

    Lett, Robin W.

  13. Jurisdiction of Equity to Enjoin Citizens Suing in a Foreign Country

    Blank, Helen M.

  14. Domestic Relations -- Recognition of Foreign Decrees of Divorce Where Domiciliary Requirement is Short or Absent

    Vandemark, R. W.

  15. Libel and Slander -- Oral Statements Held to be Libel Instead of Slander

    Treadway, Lyle E.

  16. Deceit -- Necessity of Scienter or Negligence in Addition to Falsity

    Blackburn, Anna Faye

  17. Anti-Heart Balm Legislation

    Wolf, Philip J.

  18. The Law of Arrest

    Creme, William T.

  19. Newspaper Laws of Ohio -- James E. Pollard and Ed. M. Martin. Ohio State University Press

    Bullock, Carl R.
    Review of "Newspaper Laws of Ohio" by James E. Pollard and Ed. M. Martin

  20. Whose Constitution -- Henry A. Wallace. Reynal & Hitchcock, New York. $1.75

    Folkerth, Justin H.
    Review of "Whose Constitution" by Henry A. Wallace

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