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Ohio State Law Journal: Volume 4, Issue 1 (1937)

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  1. Masthead (Volume 4, Number 1, 1937)

  2. "You May Cross-Examine" -- Lewis Herman and Mayer Goldberg

    Deming, Willis R.
    Review of "You May Cross-Examine" by Lewis Herman and Mayer Goldberg

  3. Reservation of a Power to Revoke in a Living Trust -- Non Testamentary

    Martin, J. A.

  4. Imperfect Gift as a Trust

    Messer, Doris E.

  5. Judicial Notice -- Negligence of Bailees -- Ordinances as Safety and Indemnity Measures

    Vandemark, R. W.

  6. Joinder of Actions in Wrongful Death Cases

    Lett, Robin W.

  7. Duty of Street Car Company to Warn of Dangers in Street

    Weed, Ithamar D.

  8. Workmen's Compensation -- Going and Coming Rule -- Attending Convention

    Creme, William T.

  9. Test for Establishing Relationship

    Gribbell, Justin J.

  10. Scope of Employment -- Notice to Sub-Agent

    Beynon, Margaretta

  11. Definition of Labor Dispute

    Bailey, George E.

  12. Recognition of Determinable Fee Where There Is No Express Reservation of Possibility of Reverter

    Gramlich, Charles L.

  13. Waiver of Physician-Patient Privilege Under Section 11494 of the Ohio General Code

    Wolf, Philip J.

  14. Inference on an Inference

    Bush, Hobert H.

  15. Inheritance of Designated Heir Through Declarant

    Brooks, Jerome H.

  16. Slander -- Extent of Privilege

    Steel, Eugene C.

  17. Running of a Covenant to Pay Assessments on Other Lands of the Grantor

    Blank, Helen M.

  18. Federal Power Over Things Which Affect Interstate Commerce

    Teple, Edwin R.

  19. The Supreme Court and the Advisory Opinion

    Aumann, F. R.

  20. The Declaratory Judgment as an Alternative Remedy in Ohio

    Glosser, Lauren A.

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