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Ohio State Law Journal: Volume 4, Issue 2 (1938)

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  1. Masthead and Editorial (Volume 4, Number 2, 1938)

  2. How Lawyers Think -- Clarence Morris

    Ketcham, Victor A., Jr.
    Review of "How Lawyers Think" by Clarence Morris

  3. The Good Society -- Walter Lippman

    Bailey, George E.
    Review of "The Good Society" by Walter Lippman

  4. The Folklore of Capitalism -- Thurman W. Arnold

    Lett, Robin W.
    Review of "The Folklore of Capitalism" by Thurman W. Arnold

  5. Lawyer Lincoln -- Albert A. Woldman

    Gramlich, Charles L.
    Review of "Lawyer Lincoln" by Albert A. Woldman

  6. A Constitutional History of the United States -- Andrew C. McLaughlin

    Stone, Leo
    Review of "A Constitutional History of the United States" by Andrew C. McLaughlin

  7. Deviation from the Terms of a Trust

    Bell, James F., Jr.

  8. Liability of Bondsman for Acts of a Justice of the Peace

    Beynon, Margaretta

  9. Land Trust Certificates

    Sarber, John S.

  10. Appealability of a Declaratory Judgment

    Ruediger, Karl

  11. Recovery by Drawee Bank of Payment on a Check with Forged Indorsements

    Brooks, Jerome H.

  12. Liability of Municipal Corporations for Unemployment Insurance

    Rosenberg, Robert G.

  13. Priority of Lien -- Conditional Sale Contract or Chattel Mortgage Over Real Estate Mortgage

    Weed, Ithamar D.

  14. Admissibility of Illegally Obtained Evidence -- Wire Tapping

    Deming, Willis R.

  15. What are Games of Chance and Lotteries?

    Meifert, Arthur W.

  16. Manslaughter in the Second Degree

    Creme, William T.

  17. Taxation of the Family Partnership

    Vandemark, R. W.

  18. Amendment to Criminal Pleadings

    Jones, Robert H.

  19. Validity of State Statute Basing Tax on Authorized Capital Stock of a Foreign Corporation

    Creme, William T.

  20. Right of Private Electric Utility to Attack the Constitutionality of a Grant of Funds to a Local Subdivision to be Used to Construct a Competing Power Plant

    Bailey, George E.

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