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Ohio State Law Journal: Volume 4, Issue 3 (1938)

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  1. Title Page (Volume 4, 1938)

  2. Trusts -- Torts

    Feezer, Lester W.

  3. Index (Volume 4, 1938)

  4. Masthead (Volume 4, Number 3, 1938)

  5. The Police and the Modern Society by August Vollmer

    Drennan, William M.
    Review of "The Police and Modern Society" by August Vollmer

  6. Roman Law and Common Law by Buckland and McNair

    Bailey, George E.
    Review of "Roman Law and Common Law" by Buckland and McNair

  7. Roger B. Taney, Jacksonian Jurist by Charles W. Smith, Jr.

    Ketcham, Victor A., Jr.
    Review of "Roger B. Taney, Jacksonian Jurist" by Charles W. Smith, Jr.

  8. Public Notice or Service by Publication in History Law and Procedure by James E. Pollard

    Jones, Robert H.
    Review of "Public Notice or Service by Publication in History, Law and Procedure" by James E. Pollard

  9. Law as Liberator by Joseph C. Hutcheson, Jr.

    Stockdale, Craig
    Review of "Law as Liberator" by Joseph C. Hutcheson, Jr.

  10. Handbook of Anglo-American Legal History by Max Radin

    Stone, Leo
    Review of "Handbook of Anglo-American Legal History" by Max Radin

  11. Guest Statute -- Who Is a Guest?

    Young, John R.

  12. Assumption of Risk

    Anderson, William L.

  13. Implied Warranties of Goods Sold in Sealed Packages -- Liability of the Manufacturer

    Meifert, Arthur W.

  14. The Right of Privacy

    Bell, James F., Jr.

  15. Dissolution and Assumption of Debts -- Effect Upon Rights of Creditors

    Benyon, Margaretta

  16. Unlikelihood of Physical Recovery as Precluding Defendant's Negligence from Being Proximate Cause of Injury

    Jones, Robert H.

  17. Reinstatement and Back Pay under the National Labor Relations Act

    Stone, Leon N.

  18. Presumption of Contributory Negligence Raised by Plaintiff's Own Evidence

    Gorman, James M.

  19. Excuse for Non-Performance of Conditions in Specific Performance

    Mitchell, John S.

  20. Contract and Quasi-Contracts of Parent and Child

    Gorrell, James A.

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