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Ohio State Law Journal: Volume 5, Issue 2 (1939)

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  1. Masthead (Volume 5, Number 2, 1939)

  2. Student Bar Association

    Jones, Robert H.

  3. The Law and Mr. Smith by Max Radin

    Ruediger, Karl
    Review of "The Law and Mr. Smith" by Max Radin

  4. Jean Jacques Burlamaqui by Ray Forest Harvey

    Hart, Paul T.
    Review of "Jean Jacques Burlamaqui" by Ray Forest Harvey

  5. Jurisprudence by Francis P. LeBuffee and James V. Hayes

    King, Edward C.
    Review of "Jurisprudence" by Francis P. LeBuffe and James V. Hayes

  6. Jurisprudence by Jerome Hall

    Blackburn, Anna Faye
    Review of "Jurisprudence" by Jerome Hall

  7. American Politics by Peter H. Odegard and E. Allen Helms

    Weed, Ithamar D.; Bell, James F., Jr.
    Review of "American Politics" by Peter H. Odegard and E. Allen Helms

  8. Reservation of Powers in a Living Trust

    Bell, James F., Jr.

  9. Employer Protection from Employee Competition after a Term of Employment

    Young, John R.

  10. Warranties -- Water as Food

    Bowsher, John M.

  11. Transfer of Title to Automobiles under New Certificate of Title Act

    Lieberman, Zenda L.

  12. Allowance of Attorney Fees in Statutory Partition

    Mindling, Arthur N.

  13. Alternative Pleading in Ohio

    Blackburn, Anna Faye

  14. Election of Remedies -- Master-Servant Relationship

    Aultman, Philip

  15. Chattel Loan Act -- Holder in Due Course

    Hitchcock, J. Gareth

  16. Employer Associations and Trade Disputes

    Stone, Leon N.

  17. What is Permanent Disability?

    Brown, Paul W.

  18. Proof of Other Crime

    Ward, Paul

  19. The Fusion of Law and Equity -- Vendor and Purchaser

    Beynon, Margaretta

  20. Finality of Legislative Records

    Gorman, James M.

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