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Ohio State Law Journal: Volume 5, Issue 3 (1939)

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  1. Title Page (Volume 5, 1939)

  2. Index (Volume 5, 1939)

  3. Masthead (Volume 5, Number 3, 1939)

  4. The Marxist Philosophy and the Sciences by J. B. S. Haldane

    Hayes, H. Gordon
    Review of "The Marxist Philosophy and the Sciences" by J. B. S. Haldane

  5. The Power to Govern by Walton H. Hamilton and Douglass Adair

    King, Edward C.
    Review of "The Power to Govern" by Walton H. Hamilton and Douglass Adair

  6. Workmen's Compensation -- Availability of Common Law Remedies for Non-Compensable Occupational Diseases

    Young, John R.

  7. Dogs -- Liability for Injury By

    Wible, David A.

  8. Torts -- Conversion

    Anderson, Robert M.

  9. The "Floor Plan Rule" in Ohio

    Boehm, Theodore

  10. Automobile Indemnity -- Status of the Insured Defendant

    Applegate, Thomas W.

  11. Evidence -- Privilege Against Self-Incrimination

    Mindling, Arthur N.

  12. Evidence -- Presumption Against Suicide -- Nature and Effect on Burden of Proof

    Smith, Roger H.

  13. Evidence -- Impeachment of One's Own Witness

    Anderson, William L.

  14. Declaratory Judgment -- An Alternative Remedy and Limitation

    Teaford, Robert E.

  15. Criminal Law -- Spring Gun, Liability for Use of

    Guberman, David

  16. Corporations -- Amendments to Articles -- Abolishing Accrued Dividends -- A Possible Solution

    Orlean, Arthur E.

  17. Legislative Succor for the Motor Car Dealer

    Thullen, Henry M.

  18. Chattel Mortgages -- Is the Mortgagee Protected by the Recording Act?

    Aultman, Philip

  19. Appellate Procedure -- Final Order, Order Granting New Trial Not.

    Warp, George A.

  20. Deportation -- Judicial Review of Action of Immigration Officials -- Applicability of Eighth Amendment

    Oliver, Myron D.

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