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Ohio State Law Journal: Volume 6, Issue 3 (1940)

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  1. Title Page (Volume 6, 1940)

  2. Constitutional Law -- Recent Interpretation of Ohio's Limitation on Indebtedness

  3. Corporations -- Vested Rights in Accrued Cumulative Dividends -- Power of Cancellation Under New Amendment to Statutes

  4. Index (Volume 6, 1940)

  5. The Constitutional History of the United States 1826-1876 by Homer Carey Hockett

    Anderson, Robert M.
    Review of "The Constitutional History of the United States 1826-1876 by Homer Carey Hockett" by Robert M. Anderson

  6. An Introduction to the Sociology of the Law by N. S. Timasheff

    Hoffman, James E.
    Review of "An Introduction to the Sociology of the Law by N. S. Timasheff" by James E. Hoffman

  7. Trusts -- The Ohio Trust Investment Statute

    Lindsey, John W.

  8. Pleading and Procedure -- Judgment in Action on Express Contract as Res Judicata for Action on Implied Contract -- Alternative Pleading

    Baker, Robert L.

  9. Limitation on Definition of a Trade Dispute -- Picketing as an Exercise of Free Speech

    Metzenbaum, Howard M.

  10. Insurance -- Bankruptcy -- Rights of Injured Party to Proceed Against the Insurer

    Anderson, Robert M.

  11. Distinguishing Between Equitable Defenses and Equitable Counterclaims -- The Effect of Either on a Jury Trial

    Robison, Frank A.

  12. Debtors' Estates -- Preferential Conveyances -- Tort Claimant as Creditor

    Hutchinson, Reeder C.

  13. Corporations -- Sales of Assets -- Presumption of Fair Value Favoring Demands of Dissenters

    Turner, Dailey R.

  14. Constitutional Law -- Civil Liberties -- Peaceable Assembly -- Validity of Ordinance Requiring Dispersal of Crowd

  15. Conflicts -- Sales -- Effect of Certificate of Title Law on Out of State Conditional Sale

    Brill, Aaron

  16. Master and Servant -- Master's Liability for Intentional Tort of Servant Growing Out of Past Interference with Servant's Work

    Vesper, Frank F.

  17. Masthead (Volume 6, Number 3, 1940)

  18. Report of the Legal Aid Clinic

  19. The Johnson Act and Utility Rate Making in Ohio

    Platt, Joseph S.

  20. Undeveloped Legal Service in Columbus

    Harris, Silas A.

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