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Ohio State Law Journal: Volume 7, Issue 3 (1941)

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  1. Title Page (Volume 7, 1941)

  2. Index (Volume 7, 1941)

  3. Filibustering In the Senate by Franklin L. Burdette

    Cook, Robert W.
    Review of "Filibustering In the Senate by Franklin L. Burdette" by Robert W. Cook

  4. Law Office Management by Dwight G. McCarty

    Harris, Silas A.
    Review of "Law Office Management by Dwight G. McCarty" by Silas A. Harris

  5. Federal Court Rules, Annotated by William H. Mason

    Newlon, Robert W.
    Review of "Federal Court Rules, Annotated by William H. Mason" by Robert W. Newlon

  6. Organization of Courts by Roscoe Pound

    Weygandt, Carl V.
    Review of "The Law in Quest of Itself by Lon L. Fuller" by Carl V. Weygandt

  7. The Law in Quest of Itself by Lon L. Fuller

    Rose, William H.
    Review of "The Law in Quest of Itself by Lon L. Fuller" by William H. Rose

  8. Federal Procedure by Stanley F. Brewster

    Boulger, James I.
    Review of "Federal Procedure by Stanley F. Brewster" by James I. Boulger

  9. Claim for Funeral Expenses

    Cook, Robert W.

  10. The Assured -- Clear -- Distance -- Ahead Statute

    Hull, Addis E.

  11. Discharge of Surety -- Release of Judgment Against Principal With Reservation of Rights Against Surety

    Bayly, Charles Bertrand, Jr.

  12. Appeal -- Notice of Appeal -- Sufficiency and Amendment of Notice

    Wirth, Robert J.

  13. The Present Constitutional Status of the Law of Picketing

    Coplan, Robert C.

  14. The Judicial Notice of Foreign Law Act

    Gray, Louis

  15. Divorce -- Liability of Husband to Support Child Awarded to Wife

    Grundstein, Helen

  16. Right of Adopted Child to Inherit Through Its Adoptive Parents

    McMahon, John P.

  17. Confessions of Guilt -- Necessity of Additional Evidence

    Raudabuagh, Robert L.

  18. Dividends -- To Whom Payable When Record Date Is Given

    Allen, Gerald O.

  19. The Right of the Mortgagor to an Appraisal and the Right of the Mortgagee to a Public Sale under Sec. 75 (s) (3) of the Bankruptcy Act

    Schuck, Robert D.

  20. Masthead (Volume 7, Number 3, 1941)

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